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  1. Jun11: As preparation, read the Course Website / Extended Syllabus.
    Orientation: The lab instructor will introduce themself---get their NAME/EMAIL. We will then run over the Course Website / Extended Syllabus, lab instructor-specific items, and, at the lab instructor's discretion, an intro to using TheSky software. Also, at the lab instructor's discretion, the first lab can be delayed to the second night thereby delaying the whole Lab Schedule by one day.
  2. Jun11: Lab 1: Constellations (Old Lab 1: Constellations / Lab Supplements).
  3. Jun12: Lab 2: The Sky (Old Lab 2: Celestial Sphere / Lab Supplements).
  4. Jun13: Lab 3: Telescopes (Old Lab 3: Telescopes / Lab Supplements).

  5. Jun18: Lab 4: The Moon (Old Lab 4: The Moon / Lab Supplements).
  6. Jun19: Juneteenth UNLV holiday (observed Jul20/21 if Jun19 is on a weekend?): No classes/labs.
  7. Jun20: Lab 8: Stars (Old Lab 10: Starlight / Lab Supplements).

  8. Jun25: Lab 10: Stellar Spectra (Old Lab 12: Stellar Spectra / Lab Supplements).
  9. Jun26: Lab 9: Double Stars (Old Lab 11: Double Stars / Lab Supplements).
  10. Jun27: Lab 11: Galaxies (Old Lab 17: Galaxies / Lab Supplements).

    Course Evaluations: There are NO course evaluations for summer semesters.

  11. Jul02: Lab 5: Planets (Old Lab 6: Planets / Lab Supplements).
    Planets etc. in the sky: Moon ☽ N, Mercury ☿ Y early, Venus ♀ Y early, Mars ♂ N, Jupiter ♃ N, Saturn ♄ N, Uranus ⛢,♅ N.
  12. Jul03: Lab 12: Cosmos (Old and very incomplete Lab 16: Hubble's Law / Lab Supplements).
  13. Jul04: 4th of July UNLV holiday (observed Jul05/06 if Jul04 is on a weekend): No classes/labs.

  14. Jul09: Makeups / Practice for Lab Finals / Early Lab Finals.
    Instructors: The makeup/practice night CANNOT be omitted.
  15. Jul10: Lab Final.
  16. Jul11 Only by special arrangement with instructors: Late Makeups / Late Lab Finals.
    Instructors: The late makeup/final night CANNOT be omitted---unless there are absolutely NO students in need of it.

  17. Jul15: As always, grades are due on MyUNLV by 4:00 pm on the Monday after the summer semester ends.