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  1. Astronomy & Science Links
  3. Calendar Maker Go scroll down/Printable Calendar (PDF)/Monthly (at top)/State: Nevada: Year: 20xx/First Month: January/Months 12/inlcude(National holidays,DST changes, Equinoxes and solstices,Moon phases)/scroll down right-handside/Download PDF Calendar.
  4. Favorites
  5. Job Links
  6. Journal Links
  7. Moves
  8. Place Links
  9. Problem Book Links
  10. Universities Canada: They may have jobs.
  11. Universities Eire: They may have jobs.
  12. UNLV Pandemic: Links, Messages, Etc.

  1. Astronomy & Science Links:
    1. aalib A library of fortran95 procedures that I've created for my personal use. I hereby give blanket permission for personal, educational, or research use to anyone who would like to use them: express permission is not required, but I retain copyright.
      ---No guarantees, no documentation, no index file.
      ---Read the aalib.f file for a short description.
      ---Files with an extra t at the end of the name are test programs of the procedures.
      ---Files with an extra t at the start of the name are test programs for trivial things.
    2. Astronomy: an encyclopedia site of astronomy, physics, and technology and related links.
    3. Astro Links
    4. arXiv
    5. ADS Astronomical Data Service
    6. ApJ = Astrophysical Journal
    7. A Catalog of Radiative Transfer Results Particularly for Supernova Research A bunch of occasionally useful oddments mostly.
    8. Codata's Latest Recommended Fundamental Constants There is also a complete ASCII listing of fundamental constants.
    9. Introductory Astronomy Lectures (IAL).
    10. Introductory Astronomy Course The Solar System/Star, Galaxies, and Cosmology. This the course web site and syllabus.
    11. LBL The isotopes data database.
    12. Mathematicians St. Andrews biographies of the mathematicians, but a lot of them were physicists too or mostly.
    13. NIST The atomic data database.
    14. Periodic Table
    15. References: Primarily for supernovae and radiative transfer.
    16. SUSPEND SUpernova Spectra and other Supernova-Relevant Data PENDing further analysis. My own supernova database.
  2. Job Links:
    1. Physics Today job register
    2. American Astronomical Society (AAS) job register
    3. CAP job register Jobs for Canadian physicists.
    4. Chronicle of Higher Education They have a search engine for jobs and get the lower end of the spectrum.
    5. simplyhired Maybe better than chronicle.
    6. University Affairs job register
    7. World physics departments
    8. IOP job listing
    9. Physics jobs UK But they may never show the visiting or parttime positions.
    10. All jobs in Ireland Seems good in that temporary physics jobs do show up. But there are not many at the moment.
  3. /artwork/psamanthe_005_geometric_age.jpg

  4. Journal Links:
    1. arXiv
    2. Astrophysical Journal (ApJ) submissions: Ah, it's so hard. If I was getting back into the business of doing this, but I'm not.
      1. Article Publication Charges and Licensing Agreements: "Authors of all AAS Journal articles accepted after 11 October 2021 will retain copyright in the published article." But one gives a CC-By license.
      2. AAS Journals Word Quanta Calculator: 1 quantum = 350 words and the 2021 charges were $35 per quantum. Short papers were under 20 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). But now < 30 will $1149 flat rate.
      3. The AASTeX Package for Manuscript Preparation.
      4. Manuscript Submission.
    3. NASA ADS
    4. Nature: See Nature: current issue.
    5. NOAA Trends: CO2 content of atmosphere
    6. Quant-ph
    7. Quantum mechanics articles My own list of goodies.
    8. Resilience
    9. Science: For current issue, use
    10. Scientific American
  5. Moves:
    1. National Weather Service The good page.
    2. 2011may Arizona to Ontario
    3. 2011aug Ontario to Indiana
    4. 2012may Indiana to Ontario
    5. 2012jul Ontario to Vegas, Vegas to Vegas
  6. Place Links:
    1. New Mexico Tech: New Mexico Tech Physics .
    2. OU: University of Oklahoma: OU Physics & Astronomy.
    3. UNLV physics: UNLV physics: Jeffery.
    4. Washburn Physics
  7. Problem Book Links:
    1. Classical Mechanics Problems (CMP)
    2. Mathematical Physics Problems (MPP)
    3. Quantum Mechanics Problems (QMP)
  8. Universities Canada: Their physics & astronomy departments, I mean.
    World physics departments
    Canadian physics departments
    1. Alberta:
      1. University of Alberta Job page.
      2. Athabaska University
      3. Augustana University College in Camrose
      4. University of Calgary Job page.
      5. The King's University College A religious college.
      6. University of Lethbridge
    2. British Columbia:
      1. University of Northern British Columbia at Prince George, physics, jobs, but it's pretty hopeless, Search courses and look for TBAs and then contact chair
    3. Manitoba:
      1. University of Manitoba, Jobs, Sessional jobs, 2012 Summer classes (only 2 algebra intro class available to me.)
    4. Nova Scotia:
      1. Dalhousie University, physics, jobs
      2. St. Mary's University, physics, jobs
    5. Ontario Universities:
      1. No Algoma physics, Algoma math, Algoma jobs
      2. Brock physics, Brock jobs
      3. Carleton physics, Carleton jobs
      4. Lakehead physics, Lakehead jobs
      5. Guelph physics, Guelph sessional jobs
      6. Laurentian physics, Laurentian physics jobs, Laurentian jobs
      7. Laurier physics, Laurier jobs
      8. McMaster physics, McMaster jobs
      9. Ottawa physics, Ottawa jobs, 2011 dates
      10. Queen's physics, Queen's jobs
      11. Royal Military College physics, RMC jobs
      12. Ryerson physics, Ryerson jobs
      13. Toronto physics, physics jobs, Toronto jobs
      14. Trent physics, Trent physics jobs, Trent jobs
      15. Waterloo physics, Waterloo jobs, Waterloo physics jobs
      16. Western physics, Western jobs, Undergrad physics courses, Grad courses
      17. Windsor physics, Windsor jobs
      18. York physics, York physics jobs, York jobs
        Community Colleges:
      19. Algonquin College, Algonquin jobs
      20. Mohawk College, Mohawk jobs
      21. Niagara College, Niagara College jobs
        High Schools:
      22. Niagara school board, Niagara school board jobs
    6. Quebec:
      1. Bishop's University, physics, job postings but not much good
      2. McGill, physics, academic jobs are listed at the departments.
  9. Universities Eire: Their physics & astronomy departments, I mean.
    1. National University of Ireland (NUI) Cork Job page.
    2. University College Dublin
    3. Dublin City University Job page.
    4. Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies Job page.
    5. Dublin Institute of Technology
    6. National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway
    7. University of Limerick
    8. National University of Ireland (NUI) Maynooth
    9. Queen's University Belfast
    10. Trinity College Dublin
    11. University of Ulster Job page, but no physics per se it seems.
    12. Waterford Institute of Technology