Andromeda Galaxy (M31)

Astro Links

The following are links to good astro pages that I've found. I havn't looked very hard.

  1. Astronomy in General
    1. Astrology Excite. Check out your horoscope and love-match compatibility.
    2. Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) This site has some good pages on special topics: e.g., on the varying motions of the Earth.
    3. Astronomy Page My own not often updated site.
    4. Cernan Earth and Space Center of Triton College in Chicago.
    5. Encyclodia Astronautica by Mark Wade
    6. Finding their Inner Astronaut: A Child's Guide to the Solar System
    7. James W. Young - W7FTT Astro Photo Gallery Some unusual images not to be found elsewhere, but the restrictions put on them are absurd. He says they are public domain, but then takes it back and forbids using them in web pages.
    8. John Walker's Fourmilab A site devoted to all kinds of things including astronomy. Most items are declared upfront to be public domain. Some good eclipse images!
    9. Linda Hall LibraryScience images free for non-commercial use.
    10. McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center
    11. Nine Planets
    12. Perry-Casta~neda Library Map Collection University of Texas Austin. Most of the maps are in the public domain and can be downloaded. There are historical maps. The Earth is astronomical. Check out
      1. Las Vegas 1952 Still mostly desert.
    13. SEDS Students Explore the Universe. A really good astro resource. Check:
      1. Earth and Moon Viewer
      2. The Interactive NGC Catalog Online
      3. The Messier Catalog
    14. Tutorials for Astronomy A nice low-key page by Tom Kirkman of the College of St. Benedict/St. John's University in Minnesota.
    15. Views of the Solar System This is a commercial site by Calvin J. Hamilton who reserves all rights on his own materials. But many images are public domain from NASA. Hamilton has done a good job of assembling these images which NASA has left dispersed in numerous miscellaneous archives. Some of NASA's best images are seemingly impossible to find on its own sites.
    16. Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia A very useful site with articles on everything. Some may not be authoritative, but many are good and it's one-stop shopping.

  2. Cosmology
    1. Atlas of the Universe
    2. UCLA popular cosmology

  3. Courses
    1. Online solar system courses Lots of other free courses too.
    2. Mike Guidry & Ted Barnes's The Solar System University Tennesse, Knoxville and Oak Ridge National Lab. Mike and Ted are my old friends from my Oak Ridge days.
    3. David Jeffery's Introductory Astronomy Began at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2003fall/2004spring and continue until 2012 at least.
    4. Ana Larsen's Planets Course University of Washington, Seattle, 2003.
    5. Norman Murray's Geology 130H: Exploring the Solar System University of Toronto, 2001fall/2002spring.

  4. The Galaxy and Galaxies
    1. Gold Mine Galaxy On Line Database Milano Network. They have some galaxy images free for use with credit.
    2. Leda The galaxy data base in Lyon, France.
    3. NED NASA Extragalactic Database

  5. History
    1. Galileo's manuscript 72 One of galileo's notebooks---the golden notebook? Over 300 pages covering 40 years of Galileo's jottings, insights, errors. Brush up on your Italian and Latin, but, thank heaven, no mirror writing.

  6. Institutions
    1. Astro-ph The ultimate astronomy eprint server: ``If it's not at astro-ph, it aint published.''
    2. Caltech: The Two Micron All Sky Survey at IPAC gallery: 2MASS image gallery The images are all released to the public domain.
    3. CfA: center for astrophysics harvard smithsonian I worked there 1991--1993.
      1. Hot Images but you have to ask permission for use which is a bore.
    4. ESO: european southern observatory A consortium of European countries that run big telescopes in Chile.
        ESO image gallery Free for non-commercial use with credit given.
    5. IAU Circulars at cfa International Astronomical Union circulars, iau, iauc, Brian Marsden. Hot news about supernovae, comets, neos.
    6. IAU Minor Planet Center Minor planets (asteroids), NEOs (near objects), PHAs (potential hazardous asteroids)
    7. JPL The Jet Propulsion Lab
        JPL Image Gallery Some good images free for non-commercial use with credit. JPL planetary maps Some good maps free for non-commercial use with credit.
    8. Lowell Observatory
        All about Pluto
    9. Mount Wilson Observatory They had this great starmap program, but its broke.
    10. NAOJ National Observatory of Japan. They have some good images but they seem to not want them downloaded. See there Public Information Page
    11. NASA: homepage You've heard of these guys.
      1. NASA Astro Picture of the Day Archive They are NOT all public domain pictures.
      2. NASA: Terra, part NASA's Earth Science Enterprise Good satellite pictures of Earth, but some restrictions apply.
      3. NASA: eclipse page
      4. NASA: galileo probe orbiting jupiter
      5. NASA: Hubble Heritage Project Some classic HST images are available.
      6. NASA NIX=NASA Image Exchange One page for all NASA images. But the search engine doesn't do all archives yet. But there are links to other NASA archives.
      7. NASA Ames NEO Program This is a site that tells all about Near Earth Objects and their potential threat to Earth.
      8. NASA JPL NEO Program This is another site that tells all about Near Earth Objects and their potential threat to Earth.
      9. NASA: SIM: space interferometry mission A modern stellar parallax measurement program.
      10. Solar Data Analysis Center (SDAC) Some good Sun images and eclipse images.
      11. NASA: stsci: space telescope science institute homepage
      12. NASA: Solar System Exploration site Some good images, it's answer to all an instructor's dreams it seems.
      13. NASA: stsci: latest information
    12. NF/ Observatory near Silver City, New Mexico. There is an interesting collection of images including historical ones from Europe. No obvious statement of image usage.
    13. NOAO National Optical Astrophysical Observatory.
        NOAO image gallery Free for educational use with credit. There are links to other image galleries.
    14. US Naval Observatory
      1. us navy: sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset And lots of other data to such as eclipses and brightest stars.
      2. us navy: official us time source current time, gps, leap seconds, more.
      3. us navy: official zone times
    15. Worldwatch Institute

  7. Journals
    1. Astronomy Education Review
    2. Scientific American
    3. s&t: sky & telescope homepage

  8. Kuiper Belt
    1. David Jewitt's Kuiper Belt site.

  9. Planets
    1. California & Carnegie Planet Search This is the page that Butler & Marcy contribute too: the two leading planet finders.

  10. Sky Maps
    1. sky atlas Hawaiian Astronomical Society. Good on constellations and their myths.
    2. Sky Maps Your Sky. Display a map for any place, any time. This is a pretty useful page, but the images are protected.

  11. Stars
    1. Space Weather About the Earth-Sun environment.
    2. Stars Jim Kaler, University of Illinois