2011may Ontario to Indiana

Sites useful for this move. First of all Google. Second of all MapQuest.
  1. University of Evansville

    1. University of Evansville main page.
      University of Evansville
      1800 Lincoln Avenue, Evansville, Indiana 47722
      United States
      Tel: 812-488-2000
    2. WebAdvisor login
    3. bookstore
    4. Campus map
    5. Physics
      1. faculty
      2. courses
      3. major/minor curriculum
      4. Facilities with image of Koch Center
    6. UE Library See map/tour.
    7. UE shipping instructions but this doesn't seem to apply to me.
    8. student clubs
    9. academic departments
    10. Harlaxton College in Lincolnshire
    11. MapQuest
    12. Evansville Folk Dancers Meet every week Thursday 6:30--8:30. 2108 N. Fares Avenue Evansville, IN 47711 about 4 km from campus. The location is apparently the TRI STATE BEARING CO INC. Do they dance in warehouse? Better than an army drill hall.
    13. University of Southern Indiana a few kilometers away and on the other side of the river. Maybe 10,000 students.
    14. Supermarkets, Evansville Wesselman's Supermarket, 1 N Weinbach Ave, Evansville, IN 47711-6090, United States. Wesselman's Supermarket, 535 Lincoln Avenue, Evansville, IN, United States, 1-812-402-2460. Big Lots, 720 South Green River Road, Evansville, IN 47715, United States, 1-812-473-9483.
    15. Thrifts stores, Evansville Salvation Army, 1931 South Weinbach Avenue, Evansville, IN, United States, 1 812-425-7281. Goodwill, 2201 South Weinbach Avenue, Evansville, IN, United States, 1 812-962-4020. St Vincent De Paul Society, 767 East Walnut Street, Evansville, IN, United States 1-812-425-3148. Goodwill, 4660 West Lloyd Expressway, Evansville, IN, United States, 1 812-962-2772.
    16. Motels, Evansville Motel 6 Evansville, 4321 Highway 41 N, Evansville, IN 47711, United States 1 812-424-6431, motel6.com. Super 8 Evansville East, 4600 E Morgan Ave, Evansville, IN, United States, 812-476-4008.

  2. Ball State University (BSU)

    1. Ball State University 2000 W. University Ave., Muncie, Indiana 47306, 800-382-8540 and 765-289-1241.
    2. About BSU For better info see Wikipedia: Ball State University. See also Wikipedia: Muncie, Indiana.
    3. Student Organizations Some dance and writer groups. Poetic Summit sounds like a writer's group.
    4. Physics
    5. Physics faculty 13 current faculty plus a lot of emeriti. 4 astronomers.
    6. About physics department
    7. Course requirements for physics majors
    8. Observatory and planetarium

  3. Health Insurance


    1. Royal Bank Travel Insurance Need Canadian government coverage to buy it.
    2. Niagara South Insurance Brokers Apparently, no short-term health insurance or traveler's insurance. But maybe they do, they just don't say.
    3. Short-term health insurance in Canada No pre-existing conditions.
    4. Private health insurance sellers BlueCross etc.
    5. Locate Canadian insurance brokers
    6. TIC look like they have the appropriate plan. Wonder what it costs.
    7. OHIP coverage waiting period


    1. Ray Wall Insurance Services Inc. 1901 South Weinbach Avenue, Evansville, IN 47714, United States, 812-477-7034, 812-477-7034, 800-365-9255, 812-473-7406 (Fax). They have short-term health insurance.

  4. TN visa stuff

    1. USCIS
    2. TN visa admission
    3. TN visa admission for Canadians
    4. List of TN professions
    5. US Ports of Entry
    6. Buffalo Port of Entry Suggested number for Peace Bridge from a phone call: 716-888-4921 or 716-888-4926, but online gives 716-881-4447 (but this line gives only automated messages). Online and website gives 716-843-8502 for vehicle import queries (but a knowledgeable person is not always available).
    7. US change of address form. The form can be downloaded or one can change online.

  5. Driver's license

    Indiana driver's license

    1. Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV)
    2. Driver's licenses
    3. New residents 60 days after becoming a resident to obtain an Indiana license.
    4. Obtaining a driver's license
    5. Contact BMV
    6. BMV question page
    7. Indiana residency requirements It seems like I must be become an Indiana resident and pass all 3 driver's tests, but maybe there is a loophole.
    8. Documents to show Indiana residency
    9. Indiana identity proofs
    10. Evansville BMV office pretty close to UE 6240 E Virginia St., Evansville, IN 47715


    1. Driver's licencing in Ontario
    2. Out of Province, but Arizona counts as a province.
      1. Do I need both an Arizona driving abstract and US IRE (Interprovincial Record Exchange) search? The page implies not, but is ambiguous.
      2. Arizona issues a certified driver record and does not explicitly call it a driving abstract, but that is what is generically as the Arizona MVD informs. Is that acceptable without further ado? Will there be no objection because it does not say on it driving abstract?
      3. What constitutes proof of 2 years of driving experience? My Arizona licence and driving abstract only go back 9 months. I have an old invalidated Idaho licence that goes back 4 years and other old licences for various periods back to the 1990s. Will they suffice or is something else needed? Well FAQ 18 manages to continue the ambiguity. It doesn't clarify if old licences are acceptable or if driving abstract has to be called that.
      4. Ontario driver record---and they don't call it an abstract.
    3. Ontario Government service locations
    4. Ontario Government services Port Colborne Services in Port Colborne include driver, vehicle, and health.


    1. Arizona Motor Vehicle Division
    2. MVD office Flagstaff
    3. Motor Vehicle Record Request But is the certifed driver record the same thing as a driving abstract? Does it say driving abstract on it? How long does it go back for? Only my Arizona record or further back into records from other states? If I go ot the MVD office, do have to wait in the long line for it? If I mail for it, how do I pay? Ordinary check made out to whom? How long to receive it if by mail?
    4. Notaries in Flagstaff
    5. Driving Records in Arizona A commercial site with access somehow to government records.
    6. How to Get a Driver's Abstract A general page.


    1. Idaho DMV
    3. Idaho Motor Vehicle Driver's License Record Request This is probably the document that I need to have. I need the certified version. How do I make a self request and verity? Just sign for myself. Probably with notarized signature, but it doesn't say. No. How long is the processing time? Just a day or so. Cost? 7+14=21 dollars. Will they mail it to my Canadian address? Not needed now.

  6. Car Importation and Registration to the US---simple, but a lot of paperwork.

    1. Buffalo Port of Entry Online and website gives 716-843-8502 for vehicle import queries (but a knowledgeable person is not always available). The steps for importation:

      1. First do TN visa application and then ask for direction to vehicle importation.
      2. Need proof that the car meets US standards and EPA standards. The stickers on the door post and under the hood are adequate proof, but overkill is recommended. So the original of the AZ registration and photocopy of AZ title are also adequate proof. But even more adequate proof is a FAX or email from Toyota customer service is suggested as the ultimate proof.
      3. HS-7 form and EPA-3520 form should be printed and filled-in as far as possible before application.
      4. Canadian proof of ownership---which is just the little slip I believe.
      5. Fair market value. They accept the Kelley Blue book trade value. Just print out the page after wandering through all the steps: it value is 9750 for excellent and 9125 for good.
      6. Duty owing: 3% on first 1000 and 2 % thereafter. So under 300 altogether. If the car had been made in the US, no duty. But it was made in the US and so duty is owing---unless the CBP official waives duty which he/she can do at their discretion.
      7. Then the CBP official fills out the Customs form 7501 which is required for registration in Indiana.
      8. Since the car has been formally imported, it must be exported when I leave the US.
      9. But it doesn't need to be imported to Canada again---or so I was told emphatically, but I'll have to check on the return leg in 2012.
    2. NHTSA: Vehicle Importation and Certification Requirements
    3. NHTSA: Importing a vehicle from Canada Well the phone call said my car stickers prove conformity to US rules.

  7. Car Importation and Registration to Canada---no, it's not simple.

    1. Ontario: Licensing a Vehicle that is Registered in Another Jurisdiction "To Do" Checklist
    2. Welcome to the Registrar of Imported Vehicles For crying out loud. More rules for more fees.
    3. Admissable vechicles from Toyota All Toyotas manufactured before 2007sep. So Baby is OK.
    4. Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) Customer service calls 1-800-461-9999 from in Canada; 204-983-3500 from outside and long-distance fees apply.
      1. Directory of CBSA Offices
      2. Queenston-Lewiston Bridge port of entry It's says traveller and commercial services 24-7.
      3. Border Information Services (BIS)
      4. CBSA's car import page Leave it to Canada to have car import agencies.
    5. US CBP ports of entry
      1. Buffalo, NY Lewiston is crossing. Scroll down.
      2. WHTI (Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative) A passport will do.
    6. Kelley Blue Book
    7. 2007 Yaris value Private seller value $11655 for excellent, 10,980 for good. For Flagstaff, ZIP 86001.
    8. 2007 Yaris value Trade-in value $10150 for excellent, 9525 for good. For Flagstaff ZIP 86001.

  8. Car Insurance

    1. State Farm Main site.
    2. Randy Robertson, Evansville nearest UE Randy Robertson, CASL, CLU, ChFC, 1520 Bellemeade Ave., Evansville, IN 47714, (812) 479-1881 from State Farm itself.
    3. Tabor Barrick, Flagstaff State Farm agent 1800 S Milton Rd Suite 12, Flagstaff, AZ (928) 779-9900, tabor@taborbarrick.com.
    4. Mark Guilbeault State Farm Insurance 220 Main Street West, Port Colborne, Ontario L3K 3V4, Canada 905-835-0521, Toll Free: (866) 748-7062 See also Mark's own page with an email window after the ad.
    5. Canadian Non-resident Inter-provincial Motor Vehicle Liability Card An explanation. I'll need one again.

  9. Car Servicing

    1. Welland Toyota 894 Niagara St., Welland, Ontario L3C 1M3, Canada, 1-888-865-3718. Service: same phone number.
    2. Kenny Kent Scion/Toyota, Evansville 5600 Division St., Evansville, Indiana 47715, USA, 1-866-318-7926. It's off the East Lloyd Expressway.

  10. Banks: Apparently, Bank of America does not service Evansville very much.

    1. Bank of America
    2. Bank of America ATM, 800 North Green River Road, Evansville, Indiana 47715, United States, 1 800-432-1000. It's at the south end of Eastland Mall.
    3. Bank of America Mortgage, 1396 N. Green River Road, Evansville, Indiana 47715, United States, 1 812-474-3900. North of Eastland Mall. This is probably not a regular bank branch.
    4. Closest actual branch: Branch & ATM - 76.63 miles, Mount Vernon Main, 900 Main Street, Mount Vernon Illinois 62864, 618-242-4000, Branch Hours Lobby: Mon-Fri 9-4, Sat-Sun Closed. Drive-up: Mon-Thu 8-5, Fri 8-5:30, Sat-Sun Closed.

  11. Boxes of books, etc. to be shipped

    1. UPS shipping The UPS store to Port is THE UPS STORE 286, 200 FITCH ST, 26, WELLAND, ON L3C4V9, 905-788-9993.
      1. UPS Store, Welland/Port Colborne Contact: Bruce & Diane, Co-Owner Welland Plaza 26, 200 Fitch St Welland Ontario L3C 4V9, 905-788-9993. Nearest one to Port as of 2011aug17.
      2. UPS Store, Evansville 5444 E Indiana St, Evansville, IN 47715, 812-471-0200, 812-471-0300.
      3. Preparing for shipping The labeling requirements are tough. Need to cover old labels and put contact information for sender and reciever.
    2. Canada Post General Delivery addressing
    3. General Delivery Explained But not thoroughly. Will the 20 30 lb packages be held for 30 days or 4 months? Probably the former, but I need to know.
    4. Find a Canada Post post office Need to contact Port Colborne office to be sure they can handle my boxes.
    5. Port Colborne post office PORT COLBORNE STN MAIN, 184 ELM ST, PORT COLBORNE ON L3K 4N0, 905-834-3331
    6. Hogan Transfer and Storage, Hogan/Mayflower Sort of a partner of Mayflower.
    7. Mayflower There number is 877-720-4066.
    8. Crown/Wheaton 1-800-248-7960 or 1-1-800-248-7962 and ask for Phil Beanblossom (Director of National Accounts). He seems to be the contact person for employers with contracts. There ballpark estimate gives about $3000 from Buffalo.

  12. Change of address

    1. USPS change of address info
    2. USPS Forms
    3. online change of address form Internet change does not work for international changes.

  13. Rentals

    1. UE's Housing page Mostly for students.
    2. UE housing contact persons
    3. County rental assessor It doesn't seem to work nohow.
    4. MapQuest

  14. National Weather Service

      NWS good site for 7 day forecasts But only works for far west US. Flagstaff, AZ