Boxes of Books, Etc., 2014 Jul29

Those labeled Port are located at 192 Elgin St., Port Colborne

The others are in Nevada and are deboxed.
The old boxes will probably never be reassembled.


Box 1:  poetry including individual poets

        Approach poets with Vic West
        Auden selected
        Audra lorde  Querida gave me this
        Chaucer poems, Chaucer biogs by Marchette Chute and Donald R. Howard
        Contemporaries from 1971
        Dante 'Inferno' translated by Ciardi and the illustrated Dante
        Dylan Thomas, complete poems
        Erica Jong
        Ezra Pound 2 books
        French poetry
        Fussell, 1st edition
        Frank O'Hara, lunch poems
        Homer, the Odyssey by Fitzgerald
        Irish poetry
        Kirk, Greek Myths
        Moderns from pre-1950? 
        Poetry Encyclopedia
        Sappho with illustrations
        Seamus heaney booklet
        Sylvia Plath, ariel
        Ted Hughes, selected poems
        Victorian poetry
        Wallace Stevens

        I've excluded Fussell (2nd edition), Yeats, Dante portable
          since those go with my on hand books if I
          never open box 1.

        box 1 also includes my M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses which are useless,
                            one day I'd like to have them decorate my
                            final shelf. 


Box 2:  Novels, Plays, Biography

         Aristophanes:  Lysistrata
         Beckett:  Krap's last tape
         Burgess:  Nothing Like the Sun
         Carroll:  Alice
         C. S. Lewis:  Prince Caspian
         Hemingway:  The Sun Also Rises
         Hope:  The Prisoner of Zenda
         Michener:  The Source
         Oates:  7 Greek Plays
         Renault:  The Mask of Apollo
         Shakespeare:  Complete Works Illustrated edition,  Burgess biog
         Shaw:  Man and Superman
         Stevenson:  Treasure Island
         Stoppard:  Arcadia
         Sutcliff:  Sword at Sunset  
         Tolkien:  The Hobbit Quadrology with illustrated Hobit
         Vellacott:  Euripides:  Four Plays
         Verne:  Around the World in 80 Days
         Welch:  The Gauntlet
         Woolf:  Orlando


         Loos:  A Girl Like I 
         Mortimer:  In Character
         Shaw:  Sixteen Self Sketches
         Terry:  Ellen Terry's Memoirs


Box 3:  History, Biography, Travel

         Albright:  The Archaeology of Palestine
         Clark:  Civilization
         Collins:  Is Paris Burning?
         Dickens:  The English Reformation
         Finley:  Aspects of Antiquity
         Furneaux Jordan:  A Concise History of Western Architecture
         Frank:  Anne Frank
         Heilbroner:  The Worldly Philosophers
         Huizinga:  The Waning of the Middle Ages
         MacCarthy:  Ireland  (Mama's Ireland picture book)
         Maclean:  Eastern Approaches
         Masters:  The Road Past Mandalay
         Mauldin:  The Brass Ring
         Paget:  Manstein
         Plumb:  Renaissance Profiles
         Pottle:  Boswell's London Journal:  1762--1763
         Tuchman:  The Guns of August


Box 4:  History, Biography, Travel, Languages

         Castillo:  Spanish-English Dictionary (with a map of Barcelona)
         Cioffari:  Italian Grammar
         Espinosa:  Elemetary Spanish Grammar
         Facaros:  Sicily (Cadoganguides)
         Fontane:  L'Aldultera
         Grandt:  Eine Handvoll Erbarmen
         Hayden:  Wanderer
         Jannach:  German for Reading Knowledge 
         Jeffery:  Cefalu, Sicily Trip 2006 June
         Jeffery:  Dublin Trip 2005 November
         Kolmar:  Poems
         Marai:  Begegnung in Bolzano
         Maxwell:  Ring of Bright Water
         Mayes:  Under the Tuscan Sun
         Mee:  Devon
         Michener:  Iberia (hard and softcover volumes)
         Murphy:  Tibetan Foothold
         Pirajno:  A Cure for Serpants
         Rowley:  Bible Atlas
         White:  In Search of History


Box 5:  Mostly lower division UG, radiative transfer, computer stuff

          Metcalf:  fortran95
          mihalas radtran
          silvester UNIX
          pang, computational physics
          richtmyer and morton, computational physics
          giant steps
          Monte Carlo estimators
          grey atmosphere
          numerical methods notes
          probability book, lindgren
          computer haikus
          Goodstein:  States of matter
          Pathria:  Statistical mechanics
          Osterbrock:  Gaseous Nebulae


Box 6:  (AKA Box 23):  carry with me to NV in 2012

         Carpenter:  Auden biog
         carwise guide
         ciardi:  Dante's Inferno
         Freyr:  code and anatomy
         Fussell:  meter and poetry
         guth:  english handbook
         packard:  poetry dictionary
         strunk & white
         tolkien:  hobbit

         kept out QM


Box 7:  Quantum, quite heavy enough

         Baym, grad quantum
         Cohen-Tannoudji:  Quantum mechanics, volumes I & II (kept out)
         Eisberg & Resnick:  quantum physics
         Griffiths:  Quantum mechanics 2nd edition (1st addition abandoned)  (kept out)
                     Griffiths QM solution manual
         Kaempffer:  quantum from pure quantum perspective (some stuff other books don't)
         Morrison:  Understanding more quantum mechanics
         steinfeld:  molecules and radiation

         Georgi:  Lie algebra and particles
         Greenstein:  quantum challenge
         kaku:  QFT (kept out)  AKA kato
         supersymmetric QM notes, SUSYQM
         Tinkham:  group theory and quantum mechanics


Box 8: Science history, astronomy history, popular science mysteries

         Astronomy:  glossary and charts
         AATP physics history
         Bernstein:  Einstein
         Butterfield:  The Origins of Modern Science 2 
         Cardwell:  history of technology
         Caspar:  Kepler
         Chalmers:  What is this thing called science
         Cohen:  The Scientific Revolution 2
         Coles:  Cosmology
         crick, francis:  what mad pursuit
         Gies:  Cathedral, Forge, and Waterwheel
         Gingrich:  The Copernicus Chase
         Grinspoon:  Lonely Planets
         Hall:  The Scientific Revolution
         Hall:  The Scientific Renaissance
         Hawkins:  ??
         Koestler:  The Sleepwalkers
         North:  history of astronomy and cosmology
         Overbye:  Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos
         Payne-Gaposchkin:  Introduction to Astronomy, 1st chapter only
         Santillana:  The Crime of Galileo
         Toulmin:  The Discovery of Time
         Weinberg:  The First Three Minutes
         Zim:  The Stars

         History of Astronomy notes, a few


Box 9:   empty 


Box 10:  empty


Box 11:  empty 


Box 12:  Quantum mechanics notes mostly

         UI quantum notes
         NAU quantum notes
         QM fixes for problems
         Classical notes from UI and NMT
         math physics notes
         old radtran notes (Sobolev notes)
         Miscellaneous notes:  water clocks, Goldilocks paper,
           Copernicus talk


Box 13:  empty


Box 14  Memoriabilia

        M.Sc. & B.Sc. diplomas (the Ph.D. one is in the 2nd big backpack)
        yearbooks of Humberstone, Eastdale, Mac
        Old certificates of baptism, high school graduation
        handful of old cards, letters
        wooden box of medals, trophies, and oddments from Uncle Tom and Dad??
        Irish cottage ornament:  Mama gave me this
        two old scrapbooks 
        poetry prizes, writeline, IRJ acceptance of poem (that is best forgotten)
        Mama's little new testament in the black bag
        important letters:  family, friends, special friends (including Sam!)
        author images
        MTSU cup (just filler really)
        There is also my picture album which is more weight than
               it's worth.
        Some pages about Dad's parents


Box 15:  empty

Box 16:  Cosmology, thermo, statmech, fluids 

         Adler, Bazin, & Schiffer:  GR
         Bondi:  cosmology
         Carroll:  GR, sean carroll
         Coles:  cosmology big book and small
         Greene:  Fabric of the universe, brian greene
         Lawden:  GR (both editions)
         Shu:  astro
         Weinberg:  GR and cosmology

         Batchelor:  fluids
         Pointon:  stat mech
         zemansky:  heat and thermodynamics
         Arfken:  math (kept out)
         Bevington (kept out) 
         CRC standard math tables 
         clark hudson (kept out)

         Fermi:  atoms in the family


Box 17:  Miscellaneous

         baker:  hemingway
         Butterfield:  The Origins of Modern Science 1
         Clark:  Einstein biog
         Collins:  O Jerusalem
         Crouch:  Steinbeck country (with Joyce images inserted in cover)
         Eisenhower, Crusade in Europe
         Ireland sites book
         Janson art history book
         Landes:  Prometheus Unbound:  industrial and tech revolution of 18--19th century
         Shirer:  Berlin Diary
         Sobol:  The Planets

         4 great ages of man books, Sumerians, Greece, Middle Ages, Renaissance
         Two old works files, poems, etc.


Box 18:  History

         Ardagh:  Ireland and Irish
         Arthur:  Alcock, Ashe, Roman Britain
         Ayer:  On Bertrand Russell
         Bentley:  In Search of the Theater
         Burnett:  Desert Generals
         Cunliffe:  european prehistory
         Diamond:  Guns, Iron, Germs
         du Petit Dutaillis:   Feudal Monarchy in France and England
         Galland:  The First and the Last, old Anton Galland
         Greenblatt:  Will in the World on Shakespeare, a bit sour
         Masters:  Bugles and a Tiger
         McNeill:  Plagues
         Renaissance:   Federigo cover
         Reynolds:   Air Aces
         Richter:  Medieval Ireland
         Russell:  History of Philosophy
         Stewart:  Rough Magic (out of place)
         Stoppard:  Radio Plays (out of place)


Box 19:   UG upper division physics, mostly, a box likely to be opened
          quite heavy enough with this lot

          Ashcroft & Mermin:  solid state
          Barger, E&M
          Barnhart, dictionary
          Enge, nuclear
          French, classical, special relativity
          Griffiths E&M photocopied pages
                                                Griffiths QM solution manual, out of place
          Goldstein, classical
          Hecht & Zajac, optics
          Jackson, E&M
          Mermin, special relativity
          Symons, classical


Box 20:  Earth Science and Astronomy

         Cefalu book what's left of it
         Chandrasekhar:  radiative transfer
         Clayton:  nuclear astrophysics
         Grinspoon:  lonely planets
         Jerusalem winter school
         Lehninger:  bioenergetics
         Les Houches
         Shapiro & Teukolsky:  Black Holes
         Smil:  Crossroads, Energy for Beginners, Energy All Over
         Smith:  Ecology
         Taguchi:  private parts
         Ward:  Rare Earth 
         janson:  history of art

         some papers on multiverse, sustained metabolic scope 
         (peterson nagy diamond 1990, proc nat acad sci USA)

Box 21:  history,science,miscellaneous

         cohen, floris:  sci rev 1
         dante:  portable dante
         ellis:  the celts
         fragles:  odyssey illustrated
         gaunt:  oxford picture book
         hillary:  autobiog
         longstreet:  canvass falcons
         orling:  florence guide
         paton walsh:  quy mystery
         perez-reverte:  club dumas
         schoenbaum:  shakespeare
         southern:  church in middle ages
         tolkien:  lord of the rings
         woodruff:  alfred the great

         Azimov:  The Naked Sun
         Childers:  The Riddle of the Sands
         Stewart:  My Brother Michael
         Sayers:  Lord Peter, Unpleasantness, Nine, Five, Carcase, Gaudy Night,
                  Busman's Honeymoon
         Tremayne:  Fidelma
Box 22:  souvenirs

         income tax 2005--2007
         john jeffery & tom caskey papers
         jovial picture of me

         bertrand russell, wisdom of the west 
         lilli palmer, autobiog
         marilu henner, autobiog
         medieval france
         paul revere
         stanislavsky:  autobiog