2012may Ontario to Vegas

Sites useful for this move. First of all Google. Second of all MapQuest.
  1. Apartments
    1. Cottage Grove Apartments: 965 E. Cottage Grove Which is the old Virginian and Senate House Apts. Mixed ratings.
    2. 965 E. Cottate Grove 965 Cottage Grove Avenue Apt 31, Las Vegas , NV , 89119, 702-731-1123
    3. NV Energy: Paying by Mail

  2. Self-Storage
      Portal Self Storage, 266 Killaly W Port Colborne, ON L3K 6A6, 905-835-2525 No website. Port Mini Storagemore info, 947 Elm Port Colborne, ON L3K 4R8 905-834-4464 No website. Drop 'N Lock Self Storagemore, 2250 Ramey Rd Port Colborne, ON L3K 5V5 905-834-1234 Federal Self-Storage, 80 Federal Rd, Welland, ON L3B 3P2, 905-346-2111

  3. Health Insurance


    1. Bridges Community Health Centre (CHC) Port Colborne site, Phone: 289-479-5017 Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Extended hours on Wednesday until 7:00 pm. I'm not really the target population.
    2. Royal Bank Travel Insurance Need Canadian government coverage to buy it.
    3. Niagara South Insurance Brokers Apparently, no short-term health insurance or traveler's insurance. But maybe they do, they just don't say.
    4. Short-term health insurance in Canada No pre-existing conditions.
    5. Private health insurance sellers BlueCross etc.
    6. Locate Canadian insurance brokers
    7. TIC look like they have the appropriate plan. Wonder what it costs.
    8. Citywide Insurance Agency 3421 E. Tropicana Ave., Ste P LV, NV 89121 (702) 485-5858Close to UNLV.
    9. UNLV employee benefits minimal doesn't say when it starts.
    10. State Farm does short-term health insurance. I wonder if Mark knows this?
    11. OHIP coverage waiting period


    1. Ray Wall Insurance Services Inc. 1901 South Weinbach Avenue, Evansville, IN 47714, United States, 812-477-7034, 812-477-7034, 800-365-9255, 812-473-7406 (Fax). They have short-term health insurance.

  4. Flight
    1. Wikipedia: Orbitz Is Orbitz as good as it seems?
    2. Orbitz official site
    3. TSA Traveler information
    4. Airline record locator: US Airways Check-in Check-in, not flight locator and it don't work nohow.
    5. Airline record locator: American Airlines Flight Check-in Fine for Jun19.
    6. TSA
      1. acceptable Ids Driver's License or passport.
      2. Liquids Rule: 3-1-1 for Carry-ons
      3. Prohibited Items
      4. Can I Bring For carry-on: toothbrush, toothpaste needs a bag and small amounts, over-the-counter pills, hard candy, bananas. Larger toothpaste can go in checked bags.
    7. Airports:
      1. LAS: McCarran International Airport: Overall map.
      2. MapQuest From: 935 Cottage Grove Ave. Las Vegas NV. To: wayne newton blvd, Las Vegas NV.
      3. McCarran: Taxi services.
      4. Walking to McCarran fromt the Strip It can be done.
      5. McCarran to UNlV walk Possible, but long an hard. Not recommended. Not even so great taking a cab.
      6. Charlotte-Douglas International Airport See Maps & Directions: The shop map looks best for all purposes, except it's small.
    8. Las Vegas Bus
      1. Fares & Passes $2 or $6. You can also purchase your pass when you board the vehicle, please have exact change ready before boarding the vehicle. Maps, Schedules & Detours shows that Route 109: Maryland Parkway is residential, and so should be $2.
      2. Getting To The Airport
      3. Route 109: Maryland Parkway
    9. Health insurance over 2014jul.
      1. Claim Forms
      2. Healthscope Have to search around for the Masterplan, but try member self-service menu or in the right column under documents. For coverage abroad see p. 54--55, but on printout 70--71
      3. UNLV Cobra But can I use before I sign up.
      4. Employment: Contact They come off the benefits page.
      5. Wikipedia: Health savings account (HSA)
        1. HSA Center: HSA qualified medical expenses Operatons, Surgery are included.
        2. IRS Pub. 502, 2013: Medical and Dental Expenses What ones included? Much like HSA Center but with explanations.
        3. Premera: HSA eligible expenses They say explicitly provider visits, lab tests.

  5. H1-B visa stuff:
    1. Wikipedia: H-1B visa
      1. Duration of stay This says 6 years is the max, but special extensions can apply if are applying for permanent residence (green card). Yes/No?
      2. Tax status of H-1B workers If I apply for permanent residency at once, then I must be a tax resident and become nonresident for Canada. The tax situation will be complex and I'll need formal help. Double taxation for 2014 might be inevitable without some real brain power.
      3. H-1B and legal immigration One can apply for a green card, but it can take longer than H-1B duration which would lead to extensions of some kind.
      4. Traveling out US Need a stamp in passport. Where does this happen. Before you leave? Not clear.
      5. Changes in the cap, number of applications received There is an annual cap on applications, but year 2000 law "exempted all individuals being hired by institutions of higher education, as well as non-profit and government-research organizations, from the cap". I hope this holds.
      6. Labor Condition Application Labor board must certify not displacing US workers by lower paid aliens. God help us.
      7. Departure Requirement on Job Loss There is no grace period for required departure in law, but it might happen in practice.
    2. USCIS:
      1. Understanding H-1B Requirements The low-cal version.
      2. H-1B Specialty Occupations
        1. Labor Condition Application (LCA) is the 1st step even before USCIS got the application.
        2. Period of Stay: As an H-1B nonimmigrant, you may be admitted for a period of up to three years. Your time period may be extended, but generally cannot go beyond a total of six years, though some exceptions do apply under sections 104(c) and 106(a) of the American Competitiveness in the Twenty-First Century Act (AC21).
        3. H-1B Cap: The H-1B visa has an annual numerical limit "cap" of 65,000 visas each fiscal year. The first 20,000 petitions filed on behalf of beneficiaries with a U.S. master.s degree or higher are exempt from the cap. Additionally, H-1B workers who are petitioned for or employed at an *** institution of higher education or its affiliated or related nonprofit entities or a nonprofit research organization, or a government research organization *** are NOT subject to this numerical cap.
      3. Premium Processing $1225 fee as of 2014jun09. It is available for TNs and H1-B visa.
      4. How do I extend stay See p. 3 on pending applications. They manage to be iffy. One would like definite information.
      5. AR-11, Change of Address
    3. Other H1-B sites:
      1. Canadians in USA A lawyer site. Nothing new.
    4. Leaving and re-entry on H-1B visa:
      1. Dartmouth: Travel and Re-Entry to the U.S. on H-1B or H-4 Visas I'ts complicated. See "Automatic Revalidation: Travel to Contiguous Territory & Adjacent Islands". So it may be simpler just going to Canada. In fact, for Canadians, it may be really simple.
      2. Univ. Michigan Same stuff, but is there something simpler for Canadians. TNs with multiple-entry were so easy.
      3. Canada: entering US as just a visitor "Canadian visitors are generally granted a stay in the U.S. for up to six months at the time of entry."
        1. The 180-day rule for Canadian visitors . law or legend? This advice suggests that it is fine in principle to come back to the US as a visitor to collect my stuff in the H-1B visa application is denied. In practice, maybe the denial will constitute a reason not to admit me or CBP may find my return suspicious. He says 183 days on each visit possible, not an aggregate. But the Globe & Mail disagrees and I've heard people suggest disagreement too.
        2. Globe and Mail on 183-day rule They say aggregate 183 days. But is that just as a visitor. As status holder, those days really shouldn't count since they don't count in any 183 day rule when you have status.
        3. 30-day rule If you don't exit for more than 30-days, then it aggregates. Holy Toledo, doesn't CBP say anything definite for themselves?

    5. TN visa stuff, TN status stuff:
      1. Wikipedia: TN status
      2. USCIS:
        1. NAFTA (TN) Visas See even USCIS calls it a visa when it is really a status.
        2. Temporary (Nonimmigrant) Workers but it doesn't say any much.
        3. TN NAFTA Professionals More detailed. Note "You may establish eligibility for TN classification at the time you seek admission to the United States by presenting required documentation to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer at certain CBP-designated U.S. ports of entry or at a designated pre-clearance/pre-flight inspection station. The "certain" part doesn't seem to apply to "a designated pre-clearance/pre-flight inspection station." So I could fly to Vancouver. You must provide the following documentation to the CBP officer: ... Letter from your prospective employer ... your length of stay ..." Unless, "your length of stay" has a special interpretation, the FIR position is not eligible I guess. But on the other hand, maybe it just means you would apply for permanent residency under TN status.
        4. Premium Processing $1225 fee as of 2014jun09. It is available for TNs.
        5. How do I extend stay See p. 3 on pending applications. They manage to be iffy. One would like definite information.
        6. AR-11, Change of Address
      3. CBP:
        1. CBP TN visa admission notice Note key sentence "There is no limit to the number of times a Mexican or Canadian citizen can be granted TN status, provided stay remains temporary nonimmigrant." Does that mean the job must be temporary with definite end date or merely that the the person is not intending to go for residency? I think the former.
        2. CBP US Ports of Entry
        3. CBP Preclearance Locations Can these places issue a TN status? Almost certainly, but I'd like confirmation.
        4. TN visa admission for Canadians
        5. Buffalo Port of Entry Suggested number for Peace Bridge from a phone call: 716-888-4921 or 716-888-4926, but online gives 716-881-4447 (but this line gives only automated messages). Online and website gives 716-843-8502 for vehicle import queries (but a knowledgeable person is not always available).
      4. Canadian Foreign Affairs: List of TN professions
      5. GPO
        1. 8 CFR 214.6 - Citizens of Canada or Mexico seeking temporary entry under NAFTA to engage in business activities at a professional level. Lots of links: the key one is TN professions list.
        2. TN professions list in pdf.
      6. TN pending:
        1. Hawaii Univ.: TN compliance A person can stay and work up to 240 days while pending, but you must file 45 days before end of the set stay. Maybe the rule is different with premium processing.
        2. immihelp: premium processing details
        3. Zucarro: TN Status Bulletin "USCIS recommends filing an I-129 petition for extension of status at least 45 days before employment authorization expires." But you can't have an EOS and apply at the border at the same time.
      7. Flight to Canada:
        1. LAS: McCarran International Airport: Overall map.
        2. Orbitz Round trip to Vancouver International Airport on one day seems possible for less than $400.
        3. Wikipedia: Vancouver International Airport
        4. YVR: Vancouver International Airport
        5. Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel Probably really expensive. It is about $400 per night!!! So we don't want to overnight if we can help it.

    6. Driver's license and car registration


      1. Nevada DMV (Department of Motor Vehichles)
      2. DMV phone numbers "To avoid long distance charges, call 486-4368 in the Las Vegas area." I was told I've 30 days to renew my licence without a written test and a year without a driving test. Yes, it was OK to drive on my Canadian licence for 90 days after returning to Nevada. I spoke to DMV person X.
      3. DMV offices and hours: E. Sahara is open Saturdays, 8 am--4 pm
      4. New Resident Guide It's not specifically stated what Canadian TN visa holders with Canadian licenses and cars are supposed to do. Special rules may apply. I've asked for help. Here's what I got (edited and compiled) from Cynthia Cervantes, DMV Tech 1 and Ed Heddy DMV Tech II, Central Services Division after numerous emails and clarifications---not perfect understanding yet:

        1. Question: Am I required to obtain a Nevada driver's license?

          Answer: If you are here for more than 30 days working in the State of Nevada, then yes you would have to get a driver's license (just as New Resident Guide: preamble says). You will need passport, I-94 and your Canadian driver's license to receive a license. (Also a social security card and probably a copy my lease and letter of appointment proving residence in Nevada.) You will need to do all tests: vision, written, skills (driving or road) since you currently have a foreign license (see New Resident: tests).

          This is true even though I have a Canadian license and twice in the past had Nevada licenses and have had many US licenses over the years. Of course, the DMV official I deal with in Vegas may always have some discretionary power, but I think that unlikely---still you never know.

          See DMV visit which seems to say there are no appointments for tests---but this is be wrong for road tests which do require appointments---see Office Locations which says they do make appointments for driving skills tests.

          Look upon it as a good thing---a chance to refresh my car skills---an adventure.

          The closest full service DMV office to me is:

          Las Vegas-East Sahara
          2701 E. Sahara Ave
          Las Vegas, NV 89104-4170
          8a-5p M-F, 8a-4p Sat
          Tel: 702-486-4368
          Fax: 702-486-4960

          Getting a license:

          1. Beginning Drivers 18 & Older It says of course, I must bring passport/I-94 card and I should call the local DMV office first---which I already sort of know to arrange for tests. Also bring my Canadian license, my social security card and copies my lease and letter of appointment.
          2. Bring Driver's license application form filled out as far as possible (New Resident Guide: Your DMV visit).
          3. Nevada Driver's Handbook (PDF, 63 pages) Needs a detailed study.
            1. P. 5 says an alien's license expires on visa end date: i.e., 2013jun30. I'll have to head for Canada circa 2013jun07---unless they let me keep my Canadian license---which they should since they don't recognize it for exchange.
            2. P. 6 says a Nevada resident can have only one license---but maybe they don't count foreign licenses.
            3. P. 8 says for skills test the vehicle registration, plates, insurance, lights, horn, seat belts, tires, windshield wipers all examined. So I should check those. Do I have to get Nevada registration before I skills test?
            4. P. 11. I will be getting a class C license for ordinary cars. I'll have restriction A---I will need to wear glasses.
            5. P. 14. Notification of change of address needed.
            6. P. 42. Driving emergencies.
            7. P. 56. DUI. The limit for over 21 in Nevada is .08 % (which may be a touch high). See Wikipedia: Blood alcohol content and especially the 2nd Blood alcohol level chart which suggests that for a male of my mass, 1 beer or 1 wine glass is OK with zero time (<0.03)---but I would always wait at least an 1 hour (which lowers by 0.01). In fact, I prefer not to drive at all on any day after I've had a drink and I can usually arrange this.
            8. P. 60. You must register your vehicle(s) within 60 days of establishing residency in Nevada or at the time you obtain your driver's license, whichever occurs earlier. So I must register when I get my driver's license since I must get the license since I have to get that with in 30 days.
          4. Online Driver Knowledge Tests:
            1. Arizona Driver's License Practice Tests Trial A1: 7/10. Not so good, but some were AZ peculiarities and I misread one. Trial B1: 10/10. OK, but some are AZ peculiarities. Commercial Arizona a 6/6, but some were arguable.
            2. California Sample tests Trial A1: 8/10, but the wrongs were CA peculiarities. Trial B1: 7/10, road most slipperly with rain after a dry spell (?). Trial C1: 9/10. Trial D1: 10/10. Trial D1: 8/10. Commercial California a) 7/10, b) 10/10, c) 10/10, d) 10/10, e) 9/10.
            3. Commercial Colorado a)
            4. Commercial Idaho tests a) 21/25.
            5. Nevada Interactive Driver License Sample Test
              Trial 1: 9/10. Failure to yield right of way is leading cause of accidents. Commercial Nevada a) 6/8, b) 7/8 (same as NV site)
            6. Commerical New Mexico a)
            7. Oregon practice tests Trial A1: 9/10, Trial B1: 8/10.
            8. Commercial Washington State a) 8/10, but one was arguable, 8/10, but one was state specific, c) 9/9.
            9. Commercial site all-state online sample tests
          5. Traffic Laws and Traffic Safety A lot more of on motor vehicle laws which should be sampled at least.
          6. Nevada Traffic laws for travellers
          7. Skills or Road test: Some queries:
            1. When can one use bus lanes in Vegas? There seems little/nothing online about them. They are marked by solid white lines. Observation and markings suggests you can and must use them as right turning lanes, but you don't use them as the nearest lane when turning onto a street: sometimes they curve indicating, you go around them, but sometimes not. But if you were in one, you can't change lanes to get out since they are solid white. This inference is supported by New York city lane rules.
            2. What about those funny crosswalk signals in Vegas with flashing yellow and flashing red lights. Do these have their ordinary meaning for flashing yellow and red or are do they mean yellow and red? Well this news article New Signal Aims to Keep Pedestrians Safe, 2012may13 isn't too clear. Here is the city description with an explanatory sign graphic. The flashings don't have quite the ordinary meanings which is not a good idea. The cycle is flashing yellow, yellow, red, flashing red. I say good practice is treat flashing yellow and yellow as ``yellow'', red as ``red'' and flashing red as ``flashing red'' (with pedestrians being what you stop for and wait to cross cleanly at least in your direction of travel).
            3. Can you turns be made somewhat wide on multi-lane roads: not just leftmost to leftmost? I think the answer is yes, but one should try to stay as left as reasonable.
            4. Why use lower gear in an automatic-transmission car: see When do I use lower gear? for the short answer. Usually, only going down a very steep hill, but there may be other cases.

        2. Question: Am I required to register my car in in Nevada?

          If you are here for more than 30 days working in the State of Nevada then yes you would have to register your car.

        3. Question: Do I need to formally import my car into the US with a US CBP form 7501 (?) to register my car?

          Answer: Wishy-washy. Ed Heddy just said there is nothing in the list of requirements that requires an import document, and so he inferred that importation and import document Customs form 7501 was not required---but I imagine this is only if not titling in Nevada, and so not selling car in the US. (A the CBP official fills out the Customs form 7501 which is required for registration probably in all US states---except maybe Nevada.) But it could still go either way---a DMV official could well say ``the import document isn't on the list, because, of course, you must have it---it goes without saying''---you never know till you try it seems. But gray or foreign cars (which do not include Canadian cars) do explicitly require Customs form 7501 (Nevada Registration and Title Guide P. IV-1--2, scroll down 60 %), and so this is good evidence that Canadian cars for which 7501 is not explicitly required do not need it. But maybe Canadian cars are a subset of gray or foreign cars---but then why repeat some (and not all) of the requirements under Canadian cars?

          Here is Nevada Registration and Title Guide P. IV-2 (scroll down 60 %) refers to gray and Canadian vehicles. But Baby isn't gray: she was manufactured for sale in the US.

          CANADIAN VEHICLES: A Canadian vehicle is a vehicle that has been previously registered or titled in Canada, or ownership for the vehicle has been filed in Canada. Documents required to register and title a Canadian vehicle include:

          The items you will need to register a vehicle in Nevada (a combination of Ed Heddy and the Guide) are:

          1. The out of state registration
          2. The title (if not being held by a lien holder)
          3. Your Nevada evidence of insurance: Nevada Insurance (State Farm, Lee Syphus 4753 S. Maryland, Las Vegas, NV 89119, Tel: 702-798-1274)
          4. A smog inspection if applicable: it is in Vegas. See Jiffy Smog location 3685 S. Maryland Parkway Las Vegas, NV 89169, Tel: 702-731-5580, just booth on the 7-11 lot on west side just north of Twain, turn left on Twain and into lot. I got a smog check here before, maybe twice. See also JIffy Smog.
          5. A VIN (vehicle identification number) inspection
            A completed Vehicle Inspection Certificate (Form VP-15) See VP-15, but the DMV does this. It is just the VIN inspection.)

            Vehicles from Canada also need:

          6. Must have inspection and current odometer reading. Apparently, this just a reading of the odometer which the Nevada DMV (Department of Motor Vehices) will probably do on VIN inspection. An odometer disclosure if the vehicle is being transferred and it is nine years old or newer (N/A).
          7. Must have current Canadian registration
          8. Bill of sale from registered owner to purchaser (OK)
          9. Lien search from province where the vehicle was last registered - Lien satisfied if required (OK. I can get it.) The results of the lien search from the province where the vehicle was last registered.

            Call Toll Free: 1-800-267-8097 or Toronto: 416-326-1234 for general information about Ontario services. For lien searches call 416-325-8847 or 1-800-267-8847 in Ontario (see Ontario: Access Now - Personal Property Lien ).

            Lien searches can be done online at Service Ontario: Access Now which links to Register or Search Online via Access Now. You need to pay by credit card, NOT debit card.

            Alternatively, a UVIP might work, but it's too much information and costs $20 and probably takes 8 weeks to deliver.

          10. The original copy of the notarized lien release, if applicable. (N/A I guess since I've never had a lien.)
          11. A notarized or witnessed Bill of Sale, if applicable (N/A? I have the original bill of sale from the dealer. It isn't explicitly notarized as far as I can see, but it is probably implicitly notarized since it is from the dealer.)
          12. A Statement of Facts (Form VP-22) (They must have and do that.)
            Things I may need.
          13. Federal import forms CBP 7501, HS-7, and EPA-3501. Got them all if asked for.
          14. The DMV New Resident's Guide: Your DMV Visit says out-of-state plates must be surrendered, but Canadian plates may be an exception since they are not exactly out-of-state plates. Still they probably want them and Ontario won't let me use them again even though they said they were mine forever.


      1. Driver's licensing in Ontario
      2. Out of Province Arizona counts as a province. Nevada doesn't.
        1. Do I need both an Arizona driving abstract and US IRE (Interprovincial Record Exchange) search? The page implies not, but is ambiguous.
        2. Arizona issues a certified driver record and does not explicitly call it a driving abstract, but that is what is generically as the Arizona MVD informs. Is that acceptable without further ado? Will there be no objection because it does not say on it driving abstract?
        3. What constitutes proof of 2 years of driving experience? My Arizona license and driving abstract only go back 9 months. I have an old invalidated Idaho license that goes back 4 years and other old licenses for various periods back to the 1990s. Will they suffice or is something else needed? Well FAQ 18 manages to continue the ambiguity. It doesn't clarify if old licenses are acceptable or if driving abstract has to be called that.
        4. Ontario driver record---and they don't call it an abstract.
      3. Ontario Government service locations
      4. Ontario Government services Port Colborne Services in Port Colborne include driver, vehicle, and health.
      5. Vehicle--Copies of Documents $6 and 8 weeks to get a copy of my registration!
      6. To call about car registration: ServiceOntario Driver and Vehicle Contact Centre 416-235-2999 or 1-800-387-3445 Toll Free across Canada Staff available Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Toronto time. But there help service doesn't know if a car can be titled in Ontario, but registered temporarily in another jurisdiction without infringing any rule. They suggested calling Enforcement: 1-800-387-7736---but they don't seem to answer their phone very often.

        I did contact ServiceOntario Driver and Vehicle Contact Centre 416-235-2999 to ask if there is anything wrong with having Ontario title and Nevada registration. I couldn't make my question clear to the help person. I think she just could fathom that the title and registration were different things.

    7. Car Importation and Registration to the US---simple, but a lot of paperwork.

      1. Buffalo Port of Entry Online and website gives 716-843-8502 for vehicle import queries (but a knowledgeable person is not always available). They is an online guide: NHTSA: Vehicle Importation and Certification Requirements The steps for importation:

        1. A call to Canada border force 1-800-461-9999 says that Canada requires no export process. A call to CBP (313-226-3139) says they require any Canadian export docmument, but there is none. So they don't rquire it.
        2. First do TN visa application and then ask for direction to vehicle importation.
        3. Need proof that the car meets US standards and EPA standards. The stickers on the door post and under the hood are adequate proof someone told me, but overkill is recommended. A call to CBP (313-226-3139) says I must have a letter of compliance from manufacturer. So I need letter (FAX? or email?) from Toyota customer service: Contact Toyota Canada. But Contact Toyota Canada says they do NOT give letters of compliance. Maybe Toyota Contact outside Canada will cough up a letter of compliance. But NHTSA: Imported from Canada says letter of compliance not needed if the car has the permanently affixed label saying it does comply with all Federal motor vehicle safety standards (FMVSS) which Baby does if being stuck on with glue is considered permanent. But do daytime running lights make a vehicle non-compliant? They weren't added. They were just turned on. Wikipedia: Daytime running lights: United States seems to leave the issue complex. But apparently, they are allowed according to Wik. DOT's vehicle hotline is at 1-800-424-9393: they might help. Apparently they are allowed, but what if they are a modification?
        4. HS-7 form and EPA-3520 form should be printed and filled-in as far as possible before application.
        5. Canadian proof of ownership---which is just the little slip I must have in the car.
        6. Fair market value. They accept the Kelley Blue book trade value. Just print out the page after wandering through all the steps: its value for 2012jul27 for Buffalo zip code 14210 is 9243 for excellent, 9093 for very good, and 8664 for good.
        7. Duty owing: 3% on first 1000 and 2 % thereafter. So under 300 altogether. If the car had been made in the US, no duty. But the car was made in Japan, and so duty is owing---unless the CBP official waives duty which he/she can do at their discretion---which they might do since car was bought in the US.
        8. Then the CBP official fills out the Customs form 7501 which is required for registration probably in all US states.
        9. Since the car has been formally imported, it must be exported when I leave the US.
        10. But it doesn't need to be imported to Canada again---or so I was told emphatically. But that was wrong apparently: a call to Canada border force 1-800-461-9999 (2012jul10) says I need to prove that it was registered in Canada: I need the title or if that is taken away in the US, then a duplicate of the title or at least a photocopy. Maybe some things are waived like duty, but who knows until then in 2013.
      2. NHTSA: Vehicle Importation and Certification Requirements
      3. NHTSA: Importing a vehicle from Canada Well the phone call said my car stickers prove conformity to US rules.

    8. Car Importation and Registration to Canada---no, it's not simple.

      1. Ontario: Licensing a Vehicle that is Registered in Another Jurisdiction "To Do" Checklist
      2. Welcome to the Registrar of Imported Vehicles For crying out loud. More rules for more fees.
      3. Admissable vechicles from Toyota All Toyotas manufactured before 2007sep. So Baby is OK.
      4. Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) Customer service calls 1-800-461-9999 from in Canada; 204-983-3500 from outside and long-distance fees apply.
        1. Directory of CBSA Offices
        2. Queenston-Lewiston Bridge port of entry It's says traveller and commercial services 24-7.
        3. Border Information Services (BIS)
        4. CBSA's car import page Leave it to Canada to have car import agencies.
      5. US CBP ports of entry
        1. Buffalo, NY Lewiston is crossing. Scroll down.
        2. WHTI (Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative) A passport will do.
      6. Kelley Blue Book for current trade-in value.

    9. Car Insurance

      1. State Farm Main site.
      2. Randy Robertson, Evansville nearest UE Randy Robertson, CASL, CLU, ChFC, 1520 Bellemeade Ave., Evansville, IN 47714, (812) 479-1881 from State Farm itself.
      3. Tabor Barrick, Flagstaff State Farm agent 1800 S Milton Rd Suite 12, Flagstaff, AZ (928) 779-9900, tabor@taborbarrick.com.
      4. State Farm, Lee Syphus 4753 S. Maryland, Las Vegas, NV 89119, Tel: 702-798-1274.
      5. Mark Guilbeault State Farm Insurance 220 Main Street West, Port Colborne, Ontario L3K 3V4, Canada 905-835-0521, Toll Free: (866) 748-7062 See also Mark's own page with an email window after the ad.
      6. Canadian Non-resident Inter-provincial Motor Vehicle Liability Card An explanation. I'll need one again.

    10. Car Servicing

      1. Welland Toyota 894 Niagara St., Welland, Ontario L3C 1M3, Canada, 1-888-865-3718. Service: same phone number.
      2. Kenny Kent Scion/Toyota, Evansville 5600 Division St., Evansville, Indiana 47715, USA, 1-866-318-7926. It's off the East Lloyd Expressway. For service, service.
      3. Fletcher Jones Toyota Scion 3255 E. Sahara Avenue,Las Vegas, NV 89104, Sales (888) 693-9649, Service, 888-785-4455, Parts, l888-662-5599. Service Center: M--F, 7--6:30; S 7--5:30.

    11. Banks: Apparently, Bank of America.

      1. Bank of America

    12. Boxes of books, etc. to be shipped

      1. UNLV receiving Seems like they won't want my boxes and I'll have to ship to the physics department, but how? The following should work.
        1. UPS Welland 200 Fitch St. MTWRF 9--6, S 9--2. The UPS Store, 0097, Las Vegas Flamingo 1350 E. Flamingo. Very near MF 8--6, S 9--5.
        2. According to UNLV Mail Guide, p. 9, Central Receiving. But the Central Receiving Guide, p. 9 says "Central Receiving prohibits the use of its resources for receipt, or delivery of personal material. Personal materials should be addressed to the individual's home."
        3. So perhaps I have to have them sent to myself at
            David Jeffery
            935 E. Cottage Grove Ave., Apt. 25
            Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
        4. UPS Holding: I guess the best thing: "UPS will deliver your package to the UPS Customer Center you choose and then call the recipient when the package is ready. Packages are usually available by 8:30 a.m. on the scheduled day of delivery." UPS Customer Centre: UPS CC - LAS VEGAS, 335 E ARBY LN, LAS VEGAS,NV,89119, 800-742-5877.
        5. G. says the following will work, but this violates what the Central Receiving Guide, p. 9 says. Perhaps, there is some grace. Attn: David Jeffery
          C/O Gail Michel-Parsons
          University of Nevada, Las Vegas
          Department of Physics & Astronomy
          Box 454002
          4505 Maryland Parkway
          Las Vegas, NV 89154-4002
      2. UPS shipping
        1. Estimated cost $371$ and May22T--May25F transit Evansville to Port. Estimated cost $663$ and May22T--May25F transit Evansville to Brandon. That's too fast. Maybe the local UPS store will be able to delay send-out to May28 M: May28M---Jun01F. I need 7 new boxes of 16 X 12 X 12 approximately and maybe 3 new big (100 m) rolls of tape. One tape will do about two boxes with plenty to spare for fix ups of old boxes. I've got 10 new books. So maybe one new box to bring the total up to 21.
        2. UPS Store, Welland/Port Colborne Contact: Bruce & Diane, Co-Owner Welland Plaza 26, 200 Fitch St Welland Ontario L3C 4V9, 905-788-9993. Nearest one to Port as of 2011aug17. The nearest UPS store to Port. There was one in Port (The UPS Store # 351 504 Steele Street #2, Port Colborne, ON L3K 6A7, Canada), but it is closed permanently it seems.
        3. UPS Store, Evansville 5444 E Indiana St, Evansville, IN 47715, 812-471-0200, FAX 812-471-0300. They sell boxes. Open weekdays, 8--6:30, Saturdays 10--4, closed Sunsdays. If shipped on may23W, likely arrive may28M, but could arrive sooner---darn.
        4. Preparing for shipping The labeling requirements are tough. Need to cover old labels and put contact information for sender and reciever.
      3. Canada Post General Delivery addressing
      4. General Delivery Explained But not thoroughly. Will the 20 30 lb packages be held for 30 days or 4 months? Probably the former, but I need to know.
      5. Find a Canada Post post office Need to contact Port Colborne office to be sure they can handle my boxes.
      6. Port Colborne post office PORT COLBORNE STN MAIN, 184 ELM ST, PORT COLBORNE ON L3K 4N0, 905-834-3331
      7. Hogan Transfer and Storage, Hogan/Mayflower Sort of a partner of Mayflower.
      8. Mayflower There number is 877-720-4066.
      9. Crown/Wheaton 1-800-248-7960 or 1-1-800-248-7962 and ask for Phil Beanblossom (Director of National Accounts). He seems to be the contact person for employers with contracts. There ballpark estimate gives about $3000 from Buffalo.

    13. Change of address

      1. USPS change of address info
      2. USPS Forms
      3. online change of address form Internet change does not work for international changes.

    14. Rentals

      1. UE's Housing page Mostly for students.
      2. UE housing contact persons
      3. County rental assessor It doesn't seem to work nohow.
      4. MapQuest

    15. Bed Bugs---like the Middle Ages all over again.

      1. How to Look for and Avoid Bedbugs in Hotel or Motel Rooms Put luggage in bath tub first, then search bed, night table drawers, luggage racks. They die at 46 C (115 F). So why are they in Vegas?
      2. Wikipedia: Beg Bug

    16. National Weather Service

        NWS good site for 7 day forecasts But only works for far west US.

        1. Flagstaff, AZ
        2. Las Vegas, NV