Research Faculty

  • Evlyukhin, Egor, Assistant Research Professor.
    Ph.D., Sorbonne Paris Nord University, 2015. Condensed matter experiment.
    BPB-205. egor.evlyukhin@unlv.edu.
  • Schwartz, Craig, Assistant Research Professor.
    Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 2010. Condensed matter experiment.
    BPB-162, 895-1593. craig.schwartz@unlv.edu.
  • Smith, Dean, Assistant Research Professor.
    Ph.D., University of Salford, UK, 2016. High-pressure experiment.
    BPB-162, 894-9505, Labs: BPB-151/152, BPB-163. dean.smith@unlv.edu.

Visiting Faculty

Administrative Faculty


  • Cloud, Stanley, D., Professor.
    Ph.D., University of Oregon, 1968. Application of electromagnetic fields to soil science.
  • Smith, Diane Pyper, Associate Professor.
    Ph.D. (Astronomy), U.C. Santa Cruz, 1968. Stellar photometry and spectroscopy.
    BPB-245, 895-3755. dpsmith@unlv.nevada.edu.
  • Weistrop, Donna E., Professor.
    Ph.D., Caltech, 1971. Extragalactic astronomy.
  • Zane, Leonard I., Professor
    Ph.D., Duke University, 1970.
    BPB-202, 895-1789. len.zane@unlv.edu.


  • Kim, Eunja, Assistant Professor.
    Ph.D., Jeonbuk National University, 1996. Condensed matter physics.
  • Livio, Mario, Professor
    Phd., Tel-Aviv University, 1978. Astrophysics.
  • Nagamine, Kentaro, Professor
    Phd., Princeton University, 2001. Cosmology, galaxy formation, and numerical simulation.
  • Perry, Dale, L..
    Ph.D., Houston, 1974. Material science.
  • Shaffer, David, D.
    Ph.D., Caltech, 1974. Radio astronomy and very long baseline interferometry.

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