Professor of Astrophysics
Fellow of American Physical Society

Astronomy & Astrophysics Group,
Department of Physics and Astronomy,
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Ph.D., Peking University, P. R. China, 1997


I am a theoretical astrophysicist. I conduct research by applying physical laws to understand astronomical phenomena. My primary research interest is on those objects that emit high-energy photons, including black holes of different scales, neutron stars of different species, and the intense "jets" they launch. In particular, in recent years I have been spending most of my time to understand the physics behind "Gamma-ray bursts" (GRBs), intense bursts of gamma-rays coming from the deep space. Lately, I am actively working in two emerging, exciting fields in astrophysics: multi-messenger (gravitational wave sources and their electromagnetic counterparts) astrophysics, and the physics of mysterious fast radio bursts (FRBs).

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