Gamma-Ray Bursts:

I also study other astrophysical objects, including neutron stars and their various manifestations (such as radio and gamma-ray pulsars, magnetars, X-ray pulsars, etc), black holes of all scales (stellar-scale ones at the central engine of GRBs and gigantic ones in the center of galaxies such as active galactic nuclei), collision events in planetary systems, and objects in the high-redshift universe.

I am a team member of NASA's Swift mission. This is a dedicated satellite studying GRBs. I have participated the following discoveries of the Swift team:

The PI Neil Gehrels and the Swift team were awarded with the 2007 Bruno Rossi Prize of the High Energy Astrophysics Division, American Astronomical Society, "for major advances in the scientific understanding of gamma-ray bursts. These include groundbreaking observations to determine precise location of short gamma-ray bursts, and the discovery of enormously bright X-ray flares in the early afterglows".