Russell Frank Astronomy Lecture Series

Each semester we host this very successful public lecture series, featuring a prominent astrophysicist. For more details, visit our outreach page.

Department Forum

Every semester we invite distinguished speakers who work at the frontiers of physics & astronomy. Forums are held in the conference room of the Bigelow Physics Building BPB-217, Fridays from 3:45PM to 4:45PM unless otherwise noted in the schedule. They are open to the public and refreshments are served at 3:30PM.

Astronomy Journal Club

The astronomy group holds a weekly journal club focusing on either student presentations of their research or talks summarizing selected papers from annual review articles or recent astro-ph postings.

Astro Coffee

Every Friday at 10am, all astronomy group members meet to discuss new research papers from astro-ph over coffee. We participate in the Vox Charta voting system.

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