Forum Schedule Spring 2018

Fridays 3:45pm - 4:45pm BPB-217

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Jan 19 Dong Ruobing
University of Arizona
host: Zhaohuan Zhu
Observational Planet Formation

Planets form in gaseous protoplanetary disks surrounding newborn stars. As such, the most direct way to learn how they form from observations, is to directly watch them forming in disks. In the past, this was very difficult due to a lack of observational capabilities; as such, planet formation was largely a subject of pure theoretical astrophysics. Now, thanks to a fleet of new instruments with unprecedented resolving power that have come online recently, we have just started to unveil features in resolve images of protoplanetary disks, such as gaps and spiral arms, that are most likely associated with embedded (unseen) planets. By comparing observations with theoretical models of planet-disk interactions, the masses and orbits of these still forming planets may be constrained. Such planets help us to directly test various planet formation models. This marks the onset of a new field — observational planet formation. I will review the current status of this field, highlight some of the latest major developments, and discuss where this field is heading.

Jan 26 Greg Salvesen
University of California, Santa Barbara
host: Rebecca Martin

Feb 2

Feb 9 Jonti Horner
University of Southern Queensland
host: Rebecca Martin

Feb 16 Subo Dong
Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, China
host: Bing Zhang

Feb 23

Mar 2

Mar 9 Rebecca Nealon
University of Leicester, UK
host: Rebecca Martin

Mar 16

Mar 23

Mar 30 Spring Break

Apr 6

Apr 13

Apr 20 Daniel Wolf Savin
Columbia University
host: Bernard Zygelman
Laboratory Astrophysics Studies along the Cosmic Cycle of Gas

Tracing the evolution of baryonic matter from atoms in space to stars such as our Sun hinges on an accurate understanding of the underlying physics controlling the properties of the gas at every step along this pathway. Here I will explain some of the key epochs in this cosmic cycle of gas and highlight our laboratory studies into the underlying atomic, molecular, and plasma physics which control the observed properties of the gas.

Apr 27

May 4

May 11

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