The Physics

Learning Center

Hours of Operation

Spring 2015


Starting January 27, 2015

Location: BPB 248

Students in any of these courses can come to the Physics Learning Center.


Tuesday 4:00 - 6:00 PM (Prof. Farley on duty)

Physics 151 (General Physics Ialgebra-based physics)

Physics 152 (General Physics IIalgebra-based physics)

Physics 180 (Physics for Scientists and Engineers I - calculus-based mechanics)

Physics 181 (Physics for Scientists and Engineers II - calculus-based electricity and magnetism)

 Physics 182 (Physics for Scientists and Engineers III - calculus-based thermo, optics, intro to modern physics)

Archive (schedules of the Physics Learning Center in prior semesters)


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last updated January 21, 2015