University Sites: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

  1. University main site: i.e., University of Nevada, Las Vegas which we abbreviate to UNLV.

  2. Academic departments
  3. Bank of America Try 4505 S. Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV.
  4. Bookstore which is a B&N store. This the real site, but it's just the top line of items that is UNLV specific: textbooks, faculty, apparel, etc. From the phone directory, I find that the bookstore number is 702-895-3290. See also UNLV Bookstore and UNLV bookstore facebook page,
  5. Buildings Gives their codes.
  6. Calendar of events:
    1. UNLV calendar of events and other colloquium series
    2. Black Mountain Institute (BMI) See Black Mountain Institute events for nothing for the nonce. BMI is located on the second floor of the Rogers Center for Administration and Justice (RAJ 282) on the UNLV campus. No page Wikipedia, but there is one for the journal Witness.
    3. University forum lectures
  7. Catalogs, Calenders, Grades:
    1. UNLV Catalog: Undergraduate: Hopefully, it stays at this URL eternally.
    2. UNLV Catalog: Graduate: Hopefully, it stays at this URL eternally.
    3. Calendars and Schedules: Updates itself hopefully.
      1. Academic Calendar: Summer: See also the summer semester website.
      2. Mid-Semester Courses
    4. Academic policies: Scroll: ∼ 70 % for study week.
    5. Grading system: We use the 12-point system, but I think you can use the 5-point system if you prefer.
    6. Grade Change Request: Instructions and form for changing grades including incompletes (I). "Scan the completed form to a PDF and send it via email from your UNLV employee email address to with the subject line 'Grade Change Request'."
    7. Faculty Senate Student Resources: Student petitions of all kinds.
  8. Campus map
  9. College of Sciences (COS)
    1. Paul McDermott Physical Education (MPE-A) location of.
    2. COS web directory with photos of us.
  10. Computer Science Dept. (CS)
    1. Directory But Guymon Hall is not there yet.
    2. Information Technology Minor Guymon Hall, TBE-B346, He teaches Ruby.
    3. Thomas T. Beam Engineering Complex (TBE)
    4. CS courses
    5. Class Search: CS
  11. Copyright Information Another gory subject. Best to err on the side of caution.
  12. Disability Services: Disability Resource Center (DRC) or DRC.
    1. DRC: Determining Accommodations at UNLV No categorical statement that DRC must make the determination. There may be wiggle room for faculty to informally accommodate for minor problems
    2. DRC: Faculty items
    3. DRC: Faculty Obligations to Accommodate Students
    4. DRC: syllabus statement
    5. DRC: Testing Accommodations Email:
  13. Drug abuse sites: UNLV Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace Policy, DFS Notification Content pdf, no link.
  14. Email services
  15. Educational Support Services
  16. Facilities: work requests
  17. Faculty---"Old deans never die---they merely lose their faculties."
    1. Faculty Center: They have writing and book groups---but what do these groups do?
    2. Faculty Manual/Handbook
    3. Faculty personal websites Many are dead links.
    4. UNLV Policies & Forms Policies for Faculty and all Teaching Staff. About 1/3 down the page.
    5. Faculty development
      1. Continuing education
      2. Education discounts But how do you sign up and pay?
      3. faculty development, discounts See Grant-In-Aid, Academic Faculty, but this may be intended only professional, not personal development---the supervisor has to sign on, but this may just be a time thing. I'm interested in summer courses.
      4. faculty professional development
      5. Educational outreach Not much for me, it seems.
      6. non-degree student
      7. Summer Term, Summer Semester
  18. FERPA at UNLV
    1. FERPA FAQs for Parents Student must give express written permission before any academic record data is conveyed to parents.
    2. Wikipedia: FERPA
  19. Film Department
    1. About
    2. Courses:
      1. FIS 216: intro to screenwriting, not listed,
      2. FIS 410: Major figures in cinema,
      3. FIS 416: Screenwriting I.
      4. FIS 495: Film and literature: Sean Clark, 2016 May16--Jun03, MTWR, 1:30--5:15 pm, CBC-A110.
      See also Catalog FIS. FIS is just an abbreviation for Film, but maybe originally Film Studies.
    3. Faculty: Sean Clark, Hart Wegner.
    4. Location: Flora Dungan Humanities (FDH) 4th floor.
    5. Summer term AKA Summer semester.
  20. Food court hours
  21. Garbage & Recycle
    1. Keep Clark County Clean Resource Guide Trashing glass bottles in ordinary dumpsters seems OK if not ideal.
  22. Graduate College
    1. Faculty calendar
  23. Health Care:
    1. Find Provider use advanced with, e.g., primary care providers, family practice, clark county, las vegaz, zip 89119 for likely providers: the result.
    2. google --- primary care physician las vegas --- and close in on UNLV region.
    3. Healthscope The manager or something for PEBP health care. They are the HSA manager among other things. To see HSA info:
        company Id: NVPEB
        HSA account, need to login
        view HSA information on the right column, sign out on the left column
        HSA summary accounts
        view month of interest, usually that last one of the year
      See HSA Custodial Agreement and Disclosure Statement and HSA Custodial Agreement and Disclosure Statement which are pretty nearly bafflegab.
    4. PEBP
    5. PEBP enrollment Need SSN and password.
    6. PEBP enrollment guide 2015
      1. medical plan comparison, p. 7
      2. HSA, p. 17
      3. state active rates, p. 35 which also shows that "Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP)" = PPO.
      4. completing enrollment on BECF form See PEBP enrollment.
  24. HTML bare bones guide See the plain text version.
  25. Human Resources (HR)
    1. EQUUS login
    2. RebelCard There phone number is 702-895-2351.
    3. FERPA rules
    4. FERPA training Questions on FERPA issues should be directed to Enrollment Services Center 702-895-3443. More on FERPA see US Dept. of Ed. FERPA.
    5. Policies, Procedures, Guidelines & Forms Library
      1. Syllabi Content, Minimum Criteria
      2. Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians A US government document. Essentially, try to stay absolutely clear of copying anything not public domain or a short quote. But GNU and Creative Commons images, adequately sourced, are OK.
  26. Information Technology (IT): See Help & Training (Rm: SU 231 and CBC B113, Tel: 702-895-0777, Email: and Classroom Technology Services (CBC B113, Tel: 895-0771)
  27. International Office: Office of International Students and Scholars (AKA OISS) I hope they are a Can-Do office.
    1. Student Services Complex (SSC) There is a map with the orientation of this weird complex.
    2. Student Services Complex - Building C (SSC-C) The location of OISS though it doesn't say that in the building description. They are at the back end.
    3. General contact information
    4. International Scholars
    5. International Scholar Services, OISS contact information for me.
    6. Helpful Information: fact sheets
    7. International Scholar Forms
    8. Online I-9 Online completion is now required. Section 1/2 done by employee/employer.
    9. Renewing Canadian Passport while in USA Apparently, this can be done, but what of the I-94 card? Probably have to pay with an embossed credit card.
    10. Walgreens passport photos Can the adjust to Canadian and Irish requirements?
    11. Photo Shack By reputation they can do Canadian passport photos. Probably adjust to Irish too. And they are just across Maryland too.
    12. Renewing an Irish Passport If living abroad (i.e., outside Eire, the part "How to apply" says get the form APS2 from the neareast Irish embassy or consulate.
      1. Irish embassies and consulates in USA The nearest one to Las Vegas, Nevada is the Irish Consulate, San Francisco. There is a Las Vegas Honorary Consul, but she doesn't do ordinary passport services I'd guess.
      2. Irish Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Passport forms You can't download the APS 2 form---severe darn. You have to ask for it.
      3. APS 2 form guidelines These are detaled online in Australia.
      4. Irish Consulate, San Francisco
        1. States they service include Nevada---which I'd guessed since Irish Consulate, San Francisco is the closest non-honorary one to Las Vegas.
        2. Passport Application process This gives the list of professions who can witness a passport application---it includes notary public---that will work for me. You can email them for the application form APS2---"email the Consulate---provide your full name and street mailing address and specify the number of applications you are requesting."
        3. AP2 2 form for viewing, not downloading---but it's page not found.
        4. APS 2 notes
        5. email page for APS2 applications.
  28. Libraries
    1. Library catalog search
    2. Library account: shorter url.
    3. illiad: interlibrary loan
    4. illiad: interlibrary loan login
  29. Mail servers
    1. OU physics mail
    2. UNLV physics mail
  30. National Weather Service (NWS) 7-day forecast, Las Vegas, NV
  31. New Faculty Orientation
  32. Online Courses: WebCampus is an online course package. See also WebCampus login.
  33. Parking enforcement Free parking after 1 pm Fridays. See also FAQs: General Information: Parking Hours Scroll down a bit.
  34. Physics
    1. Talks That's not me in the green shirt---but it sure looks like me.
      1. astro coffee
      2. journal club
      3. The Russell Frank Astronomy Lecture Series History
      4. The Russell Frank Astronomy Lecture Series History My old page.
      5. Weekly colloquium
    2. directory and departmental contact information
    3. facilities
    4. faculty
    5. graduate courses: A more complete list at UNLV: Courses - Physics & Astronomy. See also the requirements for the degree plans: Physics and Astronomy: Plans.
    6. Nevada Center for Astrophysics
    7. Physics Learning Center
    8. research in astronomy
    9. SPS = Society of Physics Students: But there is no current page for our local group. The old page is UNLV SPS unupdated since 2011nov02.
    10. undergraduate program
    11. undergraduate courses
    12. Undergraduate Astronomy Courses from the online university catalog.
    13. Undergraduate Physics Courses from the online university catalog.
    14. physics learning center (PLC)
    15. physics major-computational physics concentration
    16. Society of Physics Students (SPS)
  35. Printing Services But do they do scanning to pdf files?
  36. Registrar
    1. Contact There is a webgrading person to call.
    2. Summer Term, Summer Semester
      1. Contact Tel: 702-895-3711, Fax: 702-895-4636, Email:, Rogers Center for Administration and Justice (RAJ) Room 135.
      2. Registration
  37. Renewable energy
  38. Restaurants nearby
    1. Baja Bar & Grill should give it a try.
    2. Einstein Bros Bagel shop, but does it amount to a meal and can one get lots of coffees?
  39. Self-service: MyUNLV The package that allows one to find semester-specific course information. Probably, it allows instructor-student communication. You need a NSHE id for some things---which requires some training first---but not others like course information. See also MyUNLV: Faculty/Instructor which says my NSHE number and inital passwd will be mailed after FERPA training which I've done---so where are they? See also About MyUNLV or IT's MyUNLV. See also MyUNLV: Search with no login.
  40. Semester Memos All kinds of stuff, but anything I really want to know they would email me I hope.
  41. Student Affairs: Division of Student Affairs
    1. Office of Student Conduct (OSC) Top contact person: Dr. Phillip Burns, Director, Office of Student Conduct, Division of Student Affairs, University of Nevada Las Vegas, 4505 Maryland Parkway Box 452019, Las Vegas NV 89154-2019, Tel: 702-895-2308, Fax: (702) 895-2514, Email,
      1. Advising:
        1. Academic Advising: General site linked to all others.
        2. Academic Advising Centers
        3. Academic Success Center (ASC): "the home for Exploring Majors, non-degree seeking students, and Major Pathways' students.": This may be for the Pre's.
        4. Business School (Lee): Nothing on pre-business or whether the students have individual academic advisors.
        5. Major Pathways Program: Probably for Pre's, but it's vague.
        6. Military and Veteran Services Center: "we hope to support your academic efforts by providing one-stop, integrated resources to guide you toward success." | "Student Services Complex - A, Room 311. Please stop by."
      2. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
        1. Appointments: To set up stuff and also on-call immediate counselling: 702-895-3627
        2. Counseling Groups
      3. Student of Concern Guidebook
      4. Student of concern: Protocol for incidents involving students of concern
      5. Student of concern: Report Form
      6. UNLV Police
    2. Organizational Chart
    3. Student Petitions: Withdrawal, etc.
    4. Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention & Prevention Helpful Tips for Interpersonal Violence
    5. Interpersonal violence checklist
    6. Title IX Discrimination Complaint Form (including gender equity/sexual harassment/sexual violence)
  42. Student Organizations/Clubs pretty useless. There is a Directory which is pretty useless too.
    1. Theatre Student Collective (TSC) Zero information there. We live in the age of professional web sites that no once post anything on. Great.
  43. Student Handbook
  44. Student Conduct Dean of Students, Office of Student conduct, etc.
    1. Academic honor code None at UNLV it seems.
    2. Academic Misconduct & Integrity at UNLV It's all pretty gory---just stay away from bad stuff.
      1. Office of Student Conduct (OSC) Top contact person: Dr. Phillip Burns, Director, Office of Student Conduct, Division of Student Affairs, University of Nevada Las Vegas, 4505 Maryland Parkway Box 452019, Las Vegas NV 89154-2019, Tel: 702-895-2308, Fax: (702) 895-2514, Email,
      2. Academic Misconduct Flow Chart It's the short version, but one still has to consult the Student Academic Misconduct Policy for the full details, including the allowed modifications.
      3. Student Academic Misconduct Policy and pdf version.
      4. Alleged Academic Misconduct Report pdf This is the thing required in the Student Academic Misconduct Policy.
  45. Telephone directory
  46. Telephone service Here is the voice mail guide. To change the name on a phone click How do I change the name on my phone?---but I can't do it myself since they want an account number.
  47. They have printable calendars.
  48. University main site: I.e., University of Nevada, Las Vegas which we abbreviate to UNLV.
  49. Writing, etc.
    1. Black Mountain Institute
    2. Black Mountain Institute events
    3. UNLV English Department
    4. UNLV writer journals