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Stellar Astronomy

Astronomy 3190: Topics in Astronomy, University of Oklahoma: 2006 Fall

Don't Panic

The course motto: very reassuring I think.

Instructor: Prof. Partha

Classes: Places and times.

  1. Nielsen Hall, Rm 302, MWF 10:30--11:20 am (102A)
Warning: This syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor. Any changes will be announced in class as well a made on this page.

M31 (Andromeda Galaxy) and Moon

Current Course Sites
  1. Introductory Astronomy Web Lectures (IAWL) for the Solar System/Cosmology courses.
  2. Astronomy David Jeffery astronomy encyclopedia site: general physics, science, and technology are included too.
  3. Astronomy Links
  4. Marks and Grades Section 102A
  5. Physics Links Look-up pages mainly.

University Sites
  1. OU Libraries and catalog
  2. OU Memorial Union and events
  3. OU Physics & Astronomy
  4. OU Student Organizations

Syllabus Items

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    Wait 15 seconds at least. (A self-note to the instructor.)

  1. Prerequisites: None that I know of.

  2. A few fun astro images.

    Alien mesmerized by words Alien mesmerized by words.

    ../../astro/astro1/lec000/infinity_eternity.png But as Dorothy said, there's no place like home.

    Earthrise Earthrise from Apollo 11, 1969jul16. Credit: NASA.

    Alien consigning math to the flames Well not quite.

    Aliens and Grades Beware of aliens bearing grades.


  1. Massive Stars
  2. Wolf-Rayet Stars