Physics Links

  1. Alaska Science Forum Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks
  2. Calvert, James' phyiscs and mathematical physics All kinds of useful stuff: e.g., the equation of the surface of a rotating bucket of water: its a parabola.
  3. Codata's Latest Recommended Fundamental Constants There is also a complete ASCII listing of fundamental constants.
  4. Eric Weisstein's World of Science encyclodiac, but not a lot of detail.
  5. How Things Work by Louis Bloomfield, University of Virginia.
  6. Astronomy my page: general physics, science, and technology included too.
  7. St. Andrews Mathematics History Archive Biographies Many historical mathematicians were also physicists and astronomers.
  8. GSU HyperPhysics Good on vision.
  9. MIT Physics Review articles and tutorials in an encyclopaedic format.
  10. Modern Relativity by David Waite I've not reviewed this book myself and so have no opinion on it.
  11. Physics 2000 Good site from Colorado with applets: e.g., laser cooling
  12. Physics Factbook
  13. Physics of Museum Environments
  14. ScienceNet The less-than ultimate science resource page.
  15. Time Service Department U.S. Naval Observatory