Celestron C8 diagram:   a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope

Celestron C8 Telescope

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  1. C8 Sites
  2. C8 Schematic Diagram
  3. Some C8 Specificatons

  1. C8 Sites

  2. The C8 is a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope.

    Since Celestron's product pages shift as the years roll by, I thought I'd give a general page that could be easily updated.

    C8 sites:

    1. Celestron: Wikipedia.
    2. Celestron C8 telescope: This page.
    3. Celestron C8: This page.
    4. C8 telescope: This page.
    5. C8 telescopes: This page.
    6. C8: This page.
    7. C8's: This page.
    8. C8 telescope operation and List of Tricks for the C8 Telescopes.
    9. Celestron: Product: C8: Wikipedia
    10. Celestron C8 ad: Our current scopes. There are manuals under "Support & Downloads".
    11. AstronomyAsylum Celestron C8: Lots of details about the C8 from a fan.
    12. Ed Ting: Celestron C8 Overview and History: Some factoids and some nice pictures including one with Leonard Nimoy (1931--).
    13. Robert Knop's C8 page with labeled diagram: This is not quite like our C8's many basics are probably the same. The Labeled C8 diagram is good.
    14. C8 Sky Alignment in General: Written up by yours truly. See also SkyAlign. Telescope Alignment Procedure | 5:45: Best sky alignment video ever!!!
    15. Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope: Wikipedia.
    16. Schematic diagram: See below.

  3. C8 Schematic Diagram

  4. Some C8 Specifications

  5. Some specifications for the C8 telescope are given in the table below.

Telescope file: telescope_c8.html.