List of Tricks for C8 Telescopes

The tricks are for manipulating the C8 telescopes using the pad.

The tricks are largely self-explanatory.

Mostly heading style is used because one might need to read the tricks outside in the dark---big black print is needed is needed for easy viewing under red light---and red light is best for good scotopic vision.

Note the menu scrolls are only keys 6-up or 9-down.

The arrow keys on the pad are just for slewing.

  1. Arrow keys: just for slewing
  2. Find named star: 8-list/scroll/Named Stars/enter/scroll/object/enter
  3. Change menu upward: undo
  4. Change menu upward to top menu: undo repeatedly until NexStarSe Ready appears
  5. Change slew rate: rate/9 for fast cross sky slewing, rate/5 for typical centering, rates range 1 (slowest) to 9 (fastest)
  6. Find planet: 5-planet/scroll/object/enter
  7. Menu: top shows: NexStarSe Ready
  8. Menu scrolls: keys 6-up or 9-down
  9. Slewing: arrow keys
  10. Telescope shutdown for the night: slew the C8 to the horizontal angle, turn off the battery-powered lights on the star pointer and finderscope, place the pad in its holder properly, switch off the power
  11. An instructor demonstration of pad holder placement may be needed the first time that is done.
    Shutdown for the night is only done if you know you are the last user.
    Turning off a C8 turns off the object-finding alignment---and you do NOT want to turn that off before you know no one else will want the object-finding alignment.

  12. Top menu shows: NexStarSe Ready
  13. Turn off clock drive: 3-menu/tracking/enter/mode/off
  14. Turn on clock drive: 3-menu/tracking/enter/mode/Alt-Az