Physics Learning Center

Bigelow Physics Building BPB-249

Hours of Operation

Tuesday 3PM-5PM Wednesday 3PM-5PM Thursday 3PM-5PM
Britton Girard Michael Pravica Britton Girard

Students in any of these courses can come to the Physics Learning Center:

  • Physics 151 General Physics I - algebra-based physics
  • Physics 152 General Physics II - algebra-based physics
  • Physics 180 Physics for Scientists and Engineers I - calculus-based mechanics
  • Physics 181 Physics for Scientists and Engineers II - calculus-based electricity and magnetism
  • Physics 182 Physics for Scientists and Engineers III - calculus-based thermo, optics, intro to modern physics

Tutoring is also available through the Academic Success Center.

Engineering majors may also receive tutoring through the Engineering College.

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