NASA Laboratory Astrophysics Workshop
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.
14-16 February 2006

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Monday, 13 February

4:00-7:00 (pm)Registration (Physics Bldg. Lobby)

Tuesday, 14 February

8:00-8:30Registration (Tam Alumni Center)

Opening Remarks: Chair - Victor Kwong

8:30Welcome: Carol Harter & Ron Yasbin
8:45Introduction: Hashima Hasan

Session I (Plenary and Cold Universe): Chair-Steve Federman

9:00Kate Kirby, "Laboratory Astrophysics: Enabling Scientific Discovery and Understanding"
9:45Steve Charnley, "Astrochemistry in Sites of Star Formation"
10:15-10:30 Coffee Break

Session II (Cold Universe and Missions): Chair-Victor Kwong

10:30Al Glassgold, "Circumstellar Disks Around Young Stars"
11:00Eric Herbst, "Astrochemistry"
11:30Chas Beichman, "NASAs Search for Habitable width="100%" Environments and Life: The Role of Laboratory Astrophysics"
12:00Xander Tielens, "Herschel"

Session III (Cold Universe and Missions): Chair-Lucy Ziurys

2:00Nick Woolf, "Lab Studies and the Pyramid of Science"
2:30 Paul Feldman, "Comets"
3:00-03:15 Coffee Break

Session IV (Missions and Contributed Talks): Chair-Farid Salama

3:15Eric Wilson, "Laboratory Analysis for Planetary Science Research: Application for Cassini-Huygens"
3:45Tom Greene, "SOFIA: The Next Airborne Observatory"
4:15Baragiola, "Laboratory Simulations in Ices and Minerals"
4:30Huisken, "Spectroscopic Studies of PAHs in Supersonic Jets and Liquid Helium Droplets"
4:45Kaiser, "Laboratory Studies on the Formation of Carbon-Bearing Molecules in Extraterrestrial Environments from the Gas Phase to the Solid"
5:00Fuchs, "Sticking and Desorption of Small Physisorbed Molecules: Laboratory Experiments and Astrophysical Applications"
5:15 Vidali, "Use of Laboratory Data to Model Interstellar Chemistry"
5:30-7:00Poster and Reception

Wednesday, 15 February

Session V (Hot Universe and Missions): Chair-Nancy Brickhouse

8:30 John Cowan, "Nucleosynthesis"
9:00Ian Short, "Physical Data Needs for Select Problems in Stellar Atmospheres"
9:30 Frits Paerels, "Laboratory Astrophysics for High Resolution Astrophysical X-ray Spectroscopy"
10:00-10:15 Coffee Break

Session VI (Hot Universe and Missions): Chair-Daniel Savin

10:15 Randall Smith, "X-ray Plasma Models: Current Achievements and Future Needs"
10:45 Todd Tripp, "Ultraviolet and X-ray Spectroscopy of Multiphase Hot Gas in the Interstellar Medium and the IGM"
11:15 Chris Howk, "NASAs Ultraviolet Spectrographs: Science and Atomic Data Needs"
11:45 Evelyne Roueff, "Laboratory Astrophysics in Europe and the Ties to Various Missions"

Session VII (Contributed Talks): Chair-Joe Weingartner

2:00 Flory, "Sub-millimeter Spectroscopy of Astrophysically Important Molecules"
2:15 Pearson, "Laboratory Spectroscopy of CH+ and Isotopic CH"
2:30 Jackson, "Recent Selected Ion Flow Tube (SIFT) Studies Concerning the Formation of Amino Acids in the Gas Phase"
2:45 Lee, "Calculation of Ro-vibrational Spectra: State-of-the Art"
3:00 Ji, "Laboratory Study of Magnetorotational Instability and Hydrodynamic Stability at Larger Reynolds Numbers"
3:15-3:30 Coffee Break

Session VIII (Contributed Talks): Chair-Phillip Stancil

3:30 Nielsen, "Targeting Inaccurate Atomic Data in the Eta Car Ejecta Absorption"
3:45 Lawler, "A Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometer for Laboratory Astrophysics; First Interferogram"
4:00 Beiersdorfer, "Magnetic Field Sensitive Line Ratios in EUV and X-ray Spectra"
4:15 Kallman, "Sensitivity Analysis Applied to Atomic Data Used for X-ray Spectrum Synthesis"
4:30 Schultz, "The Southeast Laboratory Astrophysics Community: Our Experience and Outlook"
4:45 Chutjian, "Recent Excitation, Charge Exchange, and Lifetime Results in Highly Charged Ions Relevant to Stellar, Interstellar, Solar, and Comet Collision"
5:00 Klemperer - Summary
5:30-7:00 Posters

Thursday, 16 February

9:00-12:00 Breakout Sessions
2:00-4:00 Summary Reports: Atomic, Molecular, Dust and Ices, Solar System, Plenary Discussion
4:00-4:30 Final Remarks: Steve Federman and Hashima Hasan
4:30-6:30 SOC Executive Session
6:30 Adjourn Workshop

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