Rules for Remote Instruction Exams/Quizzes: For the remote instruction courses, there are special rules for exams/quizzes, all to be followed on the HONOR SYSTEM. Recall, all students when they become students implicitly give their word of honor that they will maintain academic integrity: i.e., NO cheating.

  1. Exam times:
    1. For regular semesters, in-class exams will be in the online class period and are 75-minute exams each one consisting of 72 multiple-choice questions. For summer semesters, in-class exams will be in the online class period and are 50-minute exams each one consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions. For summer semesters, after the in-class exam, there is 10-minute break and then a 30-minute lecture.
    2. Final exams will be in the time period specified by the final exam schedule. See UNLV: Calendars and Schedules. They are 2-hour exams consisting of 100 multiple-choice questions.
    3. For summer semester finals, see Summer Semester Qualification 4.
    4. Students with DRC accommodation for extended time have that extended time.
    5. There will be a simultaneous Canvas Zoom meeting hosted by the instructor during the exam/final times. So if you have queries, you can unmute/chat and ask. Or you can try contacting me by phone (702-895-1711) or email ( By the way, almost all the exam questions have been used in previous exams, and so almost all the exam questions are probably NOT defective.
    6. The exams will be available as pdfs attached to EXAM ANNOUNCEMENTS on the WebCampus/Canvas announcement page for your course. The EXAM ANNOUNCEMENTS will be TIME-DELAYED and will only become accessible at the scheduled exam times.
            There will be multiple versions of the exam. You must use the version for your group: the groups are set alphabetically by last name. Note that if your answers are at the random guessing level, I do check if your answers are for a version of the exam from a different group and I do investigate if academic dishonesty has happened.
    7. Exams written in remote environments are prone to interruptions of many kinds. Try to head those off for the exam times.
    8. The exam reports must be emailed to me by the END of the exam period. I will give 5 minutes grace for lateness. I do understand that disruptions can happen (domestic emergency, Wi-Fi failure, computer failure, etc.) that can cause lateness. So do NOT worry. But you MUST provide an EXPLANATION for lateness. The explanation should NOT have any personal details: just that the disruption was unrelated to exam activities and couldn't reasonably be ignored. If I judge that explanation to be unacceptable, I will ask that you do a makeup which will be a different and probably harder exam.
    9. What if you CANNOT or DID NOT do an exam at the schedule time? See Course Website / Extended Syllabus: Makeup Exams.
    10. There can be disruptions doing remote exams: e.g., domestic emergency, Wi-Fi failure, computer failure, etc. Do NOT worry. If the disruption makes your exam report late, just explain why WITHOUT personal details and it if it is reasonable explanation, I will accept the report. If you CANNOT do the exam at all, just let me know and something can be arranged. Do NOT worry if the instructor does NOT back to you immediately (or even for some time): the instructor may be dealing with other student issues.
    11. For quizzes: time as instructed.
    12. Closed notes/book/Web/outside-world-access. NO cheat sheets allowed. NO outside sources of any kind allowed. You can use only what is inside your mind.
    13. Calculators/phones are allowed for calculations ONLY.
    14. Reports of answer lists (see below) have a very precise specification because they are marked automatically by a computer program written by yours truly.
    15. Answer lists are reported by email to me ( in plain text.
    16. Give any message to yours truly in the email before the word "Start": see the next item.
    17. Report the answer lists in an email TYPED in plain text in 1-column format preceded by a "Start" line and Exam/Quiz number line with identification information. The "Start" line and Exam/Quiz number line are in the body of the email, NOT in the subject line. A STRICTLY to be followed template report (replacing generics by particulars: e.g. Exam 16 for Exam X) is:
      Exam X ! Lastname,Firstname,Ast103 or Ast104,Section100X,date  (or Quiz X or Final X)
      1. NO pdfs, NO docs, NO jpegs, NO phone images or other formats that will NOT copy-and-paste. The report must be in plain text. Try to avoid enriched text if you can figure out how.
      2. The "Start" as first line is essential and so is the " !" in the second line---and the space before "!" is essential too.
      3. As on any multiple-choice exam, do NOT leave any blank answers. If you do NOT know an answer, eliminate wrong answers and guess.
      4. Answers MUST numbered consecutively.
      5. Do NOT use some formating that will NOT copy-and-paste. Test your format for copy-and-paste.
      6. NO spaces before QUESTION NUMBERS.
      7. Only periods between QUESTION NUMBER and answer. Do NOT put spaces, commas, or brackets after the QUESTION NUMBER.
      8. Do NOT use tab stops.
      9. Do NOT put spaces between the lines.
      10. If you only have a phone, then put the answers on one line: e.g., 1.a 2.b 3.c etc.
      11. Anything can come before the "Start", but nothing after the last line.
      12. The Section number should be for your section: usually either one of Section1001 or Section1002.
      13. If you do NOT format your answer list correctly, I'll just ask you to format it correctly before I mark it. It's marked by a computer program which requires exact formating.
    18. The exam/quiz is run on the honor system as aforesaid. It is shameful to cheat. You are trying to steal from your fellow students.
    19. File: Astint file: ast_remote_exam.html