Academic Integrity:

From UNLV Policies in the Syllabi Content memo:

See also:
  1. Office of Student Conduct.
  2. Office of Student Conduct: Forms and Policies.
  3. Office of Student Conduct: Student Conduct Code.
  4. Student Academic Misconduct Policy
  5. Instructor Flow Chart: Student Academic Misconduct incident / Academic Misconduct Report Form.
  6. OSC Flow Chart Student Misconduct / Student Conduct Incident Report.

To emphasize a key point for this course:

Cheating on exams is absolutely out of line. It's shameful to do it. It is attempting to steal from your fellow students.

Cheating gets a zero on that exam plus maybe other course penalties and the Office of Student Conduct will apply their own penalties.

About assignments: in the instructor's view, teaching a fellow student about a problem line by line is fine. Allowing them to directly copy is NOT.

Another important issue under academic integrity is copyright.

From UNLV Policies in the Syllabi Content memo:

Actually, becoming really familiar with copyright law is an enormous task.

It's simply best NOT to use copyrighted material whenever possible.

About all that is absolutely fair use are short quotes of text.