History of Astronomy

This site is under extreme construction. It is in fact just my Introduction of Astronomy site html file holding a place until I teach the History of Astronomy course again.

Don't Panic

Instructor: Dr.~David Jeffery, Stoffer Science Hall (ST), Rm 108a, Tel: 785-231-1010, ext 2144, Email: jeffery@physics.unlv.edu, Office hours: MTWRF 2:30--3:30 p.m. (If you need to see the instructor for sure, make an appointment. I'm usually happy to see students at any time that I'm relatively free.)
Class: Stoffer 103, TR 1:00--2:15 pm
Optional Text:
Homeworks: Weekly on-web homeworks, posted on Mondays. They are not handed in or marked.

M31 (Andromeda Galaxy) and Moon

Current Course Sites
  1. Astronomy David Jeffery astronomy encyclopedia site: general physics, science, and technology are included too.
  2. Astronomy Links
  3. Origins NOVA's 4-part mini-series on life, the universe, and everything. Airs 2004sep28--29.
  4. Physics Links Look-up pages mainly.
  5. Syllabus
  6. tmp

Past Semesters

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  3. Washburn academic calendars
  4. Washburn academic calendar 2004 Fall
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  8. Washburn University Netstation and Computer Lab Information for Students Fall 2004
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Tentative Schedule 2004 Fall

This schedule is admittedly too ambitious. We probably won't get past extrasolar planets. I just havn't the energy to reconfigure it.


Week of       Events in Space-Time 

Sep16    Lec.  0   Introduction                         20 minutes?
         Lec.  1   Sci. Not., Units, Math, Angles, Motion, Orbits      2 hours?
         Lec.  2   The Sky                              3 hours?
         Homework 1  
         Homework 1 Solutions 

Aug23    Lec.  2   The Sky                              3 hours?
         Lec.  3   The Moon:  Orbit, Phases             2 hours?
         Homework 2 
         Homework 2 Solutions 

Aug30    Lec.  3   The Moon:  Orbit, Phases             2 hours?
         Lec.  5   Newton's Laws, Gravity, Orbits, Energy, Tides  3 hours?
         Homework 3 
         Solutions to Homework 3 

Sep06    Lec.  5   Newton's Laws, Gravity, Orbits, Energy, Tides  3 hours?
         Homework 4 
         Solutions to Homework 4 
        Class Test 1:  Sep09 Thursday
         Solutions to Test 1 
        Labor Day holiday Sep06 Monday

Sep13   Lec.  6   Light                                 1 hours? 
        Lec.  7   Spectra                               1 hours?
        Homework 5 
        Solutions to Homework 5 

Sep20   Lec.  8   The Sun                               3 hours? 
        Lec.  9   The Life of the Sun                   2 hours? 
        Homework 6 
        Solutions to Homework 6 

Sep27   Lec. 10   Solar System Formation                2 hours? 
        Homework 7 
        Solutions to Homework 7 

Oct04   Lec.  11   The Earth                            2 hours?
        Homework 8 
        Solutions to Homework 8 
       Class Test 2:  Oct07 Thursday
        Test 2 Solutions 

Oct11   Lec.  12   The Moon and Mercury                 2 hours? 
        Lec.  13   Venus                                2 hours?
        Homework 9 
        Solutions to Homework 9 

Oct18   Lec.  14   Mars                                 2 hours? 
        Lec.  15   Gas Giant Planets                    2 hours?
        Homework 10 
        Solutions to Homework 10 
       Fall Break holiday Oct21 Thursday -- Oct22 Friday

Oct25   Lec.  16   Asteroids, Meteoroids, and Target Earth  2 hours? 
        Lec.  17   Pluto, Kuiper Belt, Oort Cloud, Comets   2 hours? 
        Homework 11 
        Solutions to Homework 11 

Nov01   Lec.  18   Extrasolar Planets                   2 hours?             
        Homework 12 
        Solutions to Homework 12 

Nov08   Lec.  19   Life in the Universe                 2 hours? 
        Homework 13 
        Solutions to Homework 13 
       Class Test 3:  Nov11 Thursday 
        Test 3 Solutions 

Nov15   Lec.  4   The History of Astronomy to Galileo   3 hours?
        Homework 14 
        Solutions to Homework 14 

Nov22  Catching up or extra topics (e.g., eclipses)
        Homework 15 
        Solutions to Homework 15 

Nov29  Catching up or extra topics (e.g., eclipses) 
        Homework 16 
        Solutions to Homework 16 

Dec06  Finals Week
       Comprehensive Final
       Date: Dec07 Tuesday, 1:30 pm, 2 hours, ST 103
        Solutions to Final 

Dec13  Grades must be submitted to the university by Dec15 Wednesday noon. 
       I intend to submit my grades on the afternoon of Dec14.

       Queries to the instructor about grades must be made prior
       to submission:   the earlier, the better.
       With any luck, final exams will be marked and
       grades will be within a day of the final.