Anthropic Principle Examples Cut Out of IAL 0

These examples were superfluous, verbose, half-baked.

  1. Anthropic Principle Example: Hydrogen:

    The existence of hydrogen (i.e., B) implies the strong nuclear force CANNOT be much stronger than it is (i.e., A).

    This because P(B|not A)=0.

    (Not A) means the Big Bang would have fused all hydrogen (H) to helium-4 (He-4) and left the observable universe without hydrogen, and so without water, and so without life as we know it.

    Thus P(A|B)=1: i.e., strong nuclear force CANNOT be much stronger than it is (i.e., A) given that we have hydrogen (i.e., B).

    The figure below (local link / general link: big_bang_nucleosynthesis.html) gives many of the details of Big Bang nucleosynthesis.

  2. Anthropic Principle Example: The Fundamental Physical Constants:

    More generally, it seems likely that the fundamental physical constants and the cosmological parameters of Big Bang cosmology are fine-tuned for life as we know it (see Wikipedia: Fine-tuned universe).

    The anthropic principle explains this by saying, they have to be that way for us to be here to observe them.

    But this is NOT a satisfying or complete explanation.

    Three possible further explanations occur to folks:

    1. In the complete final theory of physics (AKA theory of everything (TOE)) and cosmology, the fine-tuning of the universe is dictated by absolute logic of fundamental fundamental physics

      That we exist is is just coincidence of that absolute logic.

    2. An intelligent creator is responsible.

      But this explanation invites the question "What is the explanation for the intelligent creator?"

    3. There is a multiverse made up of a background universe and pocket universes.

      The multiverse is usually thought of as eternal and infinite.

      The physics and cosmology of each pocket universe is set randomly by some truly fundamental fundamental physics.

      The observable universe is embedded in a particular pocket universe which is "JUST RIGHT" for life as we know it.

    Yours truly thinks in terms of the multiverse, but all the explanations are highly speculative and probably NOT mutually exclusive.

    The multiverse is, in fact, a lottery and in a lottery there are always lucky winners---see the figure below (local link / general link: irish_sweepstake.html).

    Of course, inside the
    observable universe taken as a given and on Earth itself, there were other lotteries.

    So many features of life, humankind, and human society just as it is were determined randomly.

    The winners may have thought it was all their own prowess. The dinosaurs probably thought they were tough hombres---until that asteroid did them in (see Cretaceous-Tertiary (K-T) extinction event).

  3. Anthropic Priniciple Example: The Great Coincidence:

    The great coincidence is that the angular diameters Sun and Moon on the sky are very nearly equal.

    The two figures below (local link / general link: sun_moon_angular.html; local link / general link: devonian_speciation.html) expand on the great coincidence and briefly discuss anthropic principle argument why it might NOT be just a coincidence.