Physics 483/683 Special Topics (Electronics for Physicists)

Course Description (class outline/timeline)
Quick Review
Things you should know about Resistors, Capacitors, and Inductors

Current Limited Power Supplies, Digital Multimeters, Oscilloscopes
TDS2024C Oscilloscope User Manual

Review the transistor, current limit, and relay sections and look at homework #1 before coming to class.
Transistor Basics
Current Limit Circuit
Relay Basics
Homework #1, Transistor Relay Driver
Reference for the relay driver demo done in class

FETs (Field Effect Transistors)
How to read a FET datasheet
Homework #2, FET Relay Driver
MOSFET body diode explanation
FET pinch-off explanation

Solid State Relays
SSR URL's from class
Homework #3, SSR instead of transistor and mechanical relay

Comparator Basics
Hysteresis Explanation
Homework #4, Temperature Controller using a Comparator

Linear Power Supplies & Heatsinks
Explanation of a Switching Power Supply
Homework #5, Design a Linear Power Supply
Adjustable Linear Voltage Regulators
Dual Power Supply Example
Homework #6, Adjustable Power Supply with Current Limit

Midterm review
Midterm review solutions
More midterm review
More midterm review solutions

Op-Amp Basics
How to Read an Op-Amp Datasheet
Whats inside the LM741 (just for fun)
RC Filters (High Pass & Low Pass)
Op-Amp Filter Examples
Homework #7, Op-amps and Filters

Links to how lockin amplifiers work

How to use LED's and Photodiodes
Links on photodiodes and PMTs
Homework #8, Photodiode Current to Voltage Converter

How a PMT works
How an avalache photodiode works

Digital Logic
Learn to simplify digital logic using Boolean Algebra and Karnaugh Maps>
Homework #9, Digital Logic Gates
Skim over SR NOR latch and D flip-flop
A simpler way to connect the 555 timer
Homework #10, Interval Timer

Links to EMI & Shielding Info
Homework #11, EMI & Shielding

Info on transmission lines
Transmission line example
Homework #12, Transmission Line Reflections


Sample Final #1
Sample Final #2
Sample Final #2 Solutions

Soldering Tutorial
Printed Circuit Board Pictures
Microphone Amplifier Schematic
Microphone Amplifier PCB Silkscreen
Microphone Amplifier PCB
Digital Lock Schematic
Soldering project options
Express PCB file showing sample board layouts

Thermoelectric Coolers explained
Video explaining how stepper motors work