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Previous Research Assistants

__________________________Postdoctoral Associates__________________________

_______________________________Graduate Students ____________________________

Brian Light

Brian was a Masters student under Dr. Cornelius studying geometric frustration at low temperature using the PPMS system.

______________________Undergraduate Research Assistants_________________

Bradley Clarke

Brad was an undergraduate researcher in our laboratory from August 2004 through April of 2005. He worked on cryogenic transport properties.

Charles Jensen

Charles was an undergraduate researcher in our laboratory from August of 2005 through June of 2006. He was assisting the the development of the tungsten carbide high pressure cell for use in high pressure transport properties.

Research Experience for Undergraduates Students (REU):

Each summer, our laboratory hosts one or more undergraduate students from across the country as part of the Research Experience for Undergraduates program. Dr. Cornelius is currently a co-PI on the grant proposal to the NSF to fund this opportunity. Below is a list of the recent undergraduates who participated in this program and which researcher/research assistant they worked with.

2003: Brian Yulga, Wisconsin; Brian Light

2004: Brittany Webb, Utah; Daniel Antonio

2005: Heidi Brooks, Oregon; Daniel Antonio

2006: Eric Baxter, California; Jeremey Keen, Pennsylvania; Matthew Jacobsen

2007: Amad Martin, Louisiana; Patricia Kalita, Lawrence Selvy, Indiana; Matthew Jacobsen

If you are interested in applying for the research experience program for the upcoming 2008 year, please contact Dr. John Farley for more information: farley@mailaps.org


We are currently interested in providing research experience for more undergraduate researchers. If you are interested in working with Dr. Cornelius's group as an undergraduate researcher, email him at cornel@physics.unlv.edu


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