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Quantum Design: Instrument used for various materials characterizations.

Cryomech: Manufacturer of the tabletop refrigerator

Keithley: Multimeters and sourcementers

Lakeshore: Source for AC Resistance Bridge and cryogenic accessories

Carver: Hydraulic Press System


X-Ray Diffraction:

Fit2D: A software package used to convert data from angular rings to a 2-D diffraction pattern.

Powdercell: A software package used to simulate and fit x-ray diffraction patterns.


Labview: Software used in the development of some cryogenic systems and high pressure systems in our lab. Used to interface with measurement equipment.

MikTeX: Software for Scientific Writing Applications (Windows version of LaTeX)

Origin: Plotting and Fitting Software

Mathematica: Calculation, Modelling, and Fitting Software

Interesting Links:



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