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Empire of
The Better
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The Three Pound
Eight Ounce
Darling Boy
Get Well
Hostages to
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Sequel to
Get Well Soon
a WIP 4-4-02
The New
Canterbury Tales

a WIP 7-18-05
The Dragon
His Wrath

The Better Part of Valor

Rating: PG
Characters:  Methos, Joe, and Amy.
Summary:  Set during Indiscretions.  How do you smuggle your annoying immortal friend past the police and safely home when he insists on singing karaoke along the way?

In Other Languages: Hungarian
Sample Text:  "I didn't save you, Amy; Joe did.  I'm just the tool he used."

The Three Pound Eight Ounce Warrior

Rating:  PG
Characters: Methos and a really scary OFC.
Summary:  Methos is stalked by an Original Feline Character <heh> who gets very protective when Methos is threatened by something else.

Sample Text: "Didn't his mother teach him not to speak to demons?  Hers certainly had."

Get Well Soon (sort of a sequel to The Three Pound Eight Ounce Warrior)

Rating: PG
Characters: Joe, Connor, Methos, a little Maurice, and some Scully, my OFC
Summary: After Archangel, Connor is looking for his missing kinsman.  Joe is trying to stay out of Connor's way, and just what is Methos doing?

Sample Text: "You have his katana!" Connor hissed.  "What happened to him?"

Empire of Dirt  Submitted to the crossover Lyric Wheel.  XOVER with Quantum Leap

Rating: PG
Characters:  Duncan,  and Sam and Al from Quantum Leap
Summary:  Sam is sent to save a despairing Duncan's head, after Archangel

Sample Text: "Al," he demanded as he struggled to his feet, "where am I, and most of all, what am I? I just healed from a mortal wound!"

Hostages to Fortune

Rating: PG-13
Characters:  Connor, Duncan, Rachel Ellenstein.
Summary:  The father of the real Russell Nash shows up in Connor's life, looking for his son.  A family affair ensues.

Sample Text: "Duncan didnít try any empty comfort; there was none to give.  Her father had gone to kill her date."

Desert Mirage   Submitted to the "Where You Live" Lyric Wheel

Rating:  PG
Characters:  Duncan MacLeod and others
Summary:  After the events of Archangel, Duncan wanders the world and finds himself in Las Vegas where he is visited, apparently, by old friends.

Sample Text:  "The thrill of an immortal presence only caused him to order a Scotch."

The Dragon and His Wrath

Rating:  R
Characters:  Duncan, Methos, Joe, and a K'Immie
Summary:  The guys are nabbed by an immortal who wants Duncan, but finds he has an old score to settle with Methos.

Sample Text:  "It was not exactly funny, Joe reflected grimly, that Methos took waking up in chains as evidence that he had been recognized."

Darling Boy

Rating:  PG
Characters:  Duncan, Methos, Joe, Amanda, and OCs
Summary:  An unexpected art acquisition sends MacLeod on the trail of a mystery, while Methos tries to help two star-crossed lovers.

Sample Text: "Trust a 5000 year old bookworm to know nothing about guns."

Yom Kippur

Rating:  PG-13
Characters:  Methos, Duncan, Joe and David Grossman, an original character by Sandra McDonald, used here with her permission.
Summary:  After Revelations 6:8, Methos meets an old friend who has met Cassandra and wants to know the truth about his history with her.  With an already alienated MacLeod watching, Methos may lose another friend if he tells the truth.

Sample Text: "Would telling the man the truth hurt Methos or help him?  Did MacLeod want to hurt Methos or help him?"

Communion (sequel to Yom Kippur)

Rating:  PG
Characters:  Methos, Duncan, and David Grossman (offstage), an original character by Sandra McDonald, used with her permission.
Summary:  After Revelations 6:8, MacLeod tries to support an anguished and hostile Methos after the events of Yom Kippur, and also find some healing for himself from the wounds left by the Horsemen experience.

Sample Text: "Methos looked back at him.  Five feet away and completely unreachable."

Kaddish (sequel to Communion)

Rating: PG-13
Characters: Duncan, Methos, Joe, Cassandra, and David Grossman, lent by his creator, Sandra McDonald
Summary: Grossman and MacLeod struggle to find a way Methos can "do right" by Cassandra.  But will Methos agree?

Sample Text:  "I was willing to let David help her!  I am not willing to eviscerate myself for her!"

Pacing The Cage (postlude to the trilogy) Submitted to the Lyric Wheel

Rating:  PG
Characters:  Duncan and Methos
Summary:  MacLeod tries to be supportive in the aftermath of  the events of Kaddish, but Methos runs away.

Sample Text: "His own ghosts at bay again, he went to see what could be done about the ghosts of his friend."

The End is a Mystery Submitted to the Lyric Wheel

Rating:  PG
Characters:  Duncan and Methos
Summary:  Each end in Duncan's life was also a beginning.

Coming Someday

WARNING!  These are Works In Progress!  If you don't like reading unfinished stories, don't go here!

Untitled - Sequel to Get Well Soon

4-4-2002 - Most Recent Update

Rating: PG
Characters:  Duncan, Joe, Methos, Connor
Summary: What does a hero do after he's saved the world?

Sample Text:

The New Canterbury Tales

7-18-2005 - Most Recent Update

Rating: PG
Characters:  Duncan, Joe, Methos, Richie
Summary: Stuck waiting out a snowstorm, the guys tell stories.

Sample Text:

Nonfiction Bookshelf
The Series
A Play in Four Acts,
to Ratings

Everything I
Need To Know 


Highlander:  The Series - A Play in Four Acts, Revisited, by Lisa W.
In the summer of 1997, Lisa Weissman viewed the five existing seasons as having the dramatic structure of a (as yet unfinished) four act play.  She described her view an essay, Highlander:  The Series - A Play in Four Acts.  Then, with the series ended, Lisa was able to complete her literary critique.

Everything I Need To Know In Life I Learned From Highlander, by Kelly Marx.  The title pretty much says it all.  A must read for all immortals and their mortal friends.


Poetry Bookshelf

Beomulder:  A Tale From a Lapsed Medievalist, by Nonie Rider.  Beowulf/X-files/Highlander crossover.  Delicious reading for anyone with a taste for Old English poetry.



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