Talk, 2013 Apr16

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  1. Stirling Colgate (1925--) when youthful with Geoffrey Burbidge, 1968. Stirling worked on the bombs during the 50s, pioneered SN Ia explosions and light curves during the 60s, was president of New Mexico Tech 1965--1975, was a pioneer robotic telescopes for supernovae in the 80s, and was still going when I last saw him circa 2003.
  2. Les Houches Summer School, 1990, conference photo Eli Livne, coauthor of the paper of the day, and I used to meet up a meetings in the 90s. Here we are at the Les Houches Summer School in 1990. There's me behind Eli sitting on his haunches in the front. Despite appearances, it was a glorious summer day in the French Alps.
  3. Nugent et al., 2011, Supernova 2011fe from an Exploding Carbon-Oxygen White Dwarf Star Everyone has believed it since the 60s, but this SN Ia confirmed pretty much that SN Ia progenitors were white dwarfs
  4. Kushnir et al, 2013, The Progenitors of Type Ia Supernova Explosions are Head-On Collisions of White Dwarfs in Triple Systems The WD-WD head-on model or violent DD model explosions.
  5. Katz & Dong, 2012, The rate of WD-WD head-on collisions may be as high as the SNe Ia rate Not a population synthesis paper.

  6. apsis
  7. true anomaly
  8. mean anomaly
  9. Kozai mechanism
  10. Hillebrandt et al., 2013, Towards an understanding of Type Ia supernovae from a synthesis of theory and observations The glories and woes of SN Ia models.
  11. Wang & Han, 2012, Progenitors of type Ia supernovae The SD and DD models reviewed. Both viable, both may be necessary, but no mention of violect DD model.
  12. Jeffery, 1999, Radioactive Decay Energy Deposition in Supernovae and the Exponential/Quasi-Exponential Behavior of Late-Time Supernova Light Curves
  13. Jeffery et al. 2006, On SN 2003fg: The Probable Super-Chandrasekhar-Mass SN Ia Another old paper that has gained some traction.