Galaxies 5: Relevant Articles, Mostly Reviews, In Reverse Time Order

  1. Robert A. Crain, Freeke van de Voort, 2023_09_29, Hydrodynamical simulations of the galaxy population: enduring successes and outstanding challenges, 46 pages.
  2. P. Temi, M. Gaspari, F. Brighenti, Norber Werner, et al., 2022, Probing multiphase gas in local massive elliptical galaxies via multiwavelength observations, 26 pages.
  3. A. Cimatti et al. 2020_01_01_jan01, Introduction to Galaxy Formation and Evolution: From Primordial Gas to Present-Day Galaxies, 571+14 pages: Also see Cimatti: Introduction to Galaxy Formation and Evolution: From Primordial Gas to Present-Day Galaxies (2020), $57.59
  4. Norbert Werner, Francios Mernier, 2020, Hot atmospheres of galaxies, groups, and clusters of galaxies, 34 pages: a review.
  5. Alberto D. Bolatto et al., 2013_06_08_jun08, The CO-to-H2 Conversion Factor, 37 pages: On the X-factor (AKA XCO factor) which is used to convert carbon monoxide (CO) emission lines emission to molecular hydrogen (H_2) mass.
  6. L. Ciotti1 & G. Bertin, 1999_11_05_nov05, Analytical properties of the R^(1/m) luminosity law, 10 pages: Analytic details of the Sersic profile. This paper does NOT treat why the Sersic profile is physically plausible. Maybe it is just an empirical formula that works rather well.
  7. Charlotte E. Moore & Paul. W. Merril, 1968, Partial Grotrian Diagrams of Astrophysical Interest, 80 pages: Very dated, but still very useful for quick reference. See also another pdf version moore.pdf which is actually more easily accessed and downloaded.
  8. Gerard de Vaucouleurs, 1948, Recerches sur Nebuleuses Extragalactique, 43 pages: The abstract gives the de Vaucouleurs surface bright surface brightness profile in logarithmic form that was later generalized to the Sersic profile.