Exam/Final Today

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Exam Announcements

  1. Spread out if that is possible. I mean it. Try to have at least one empty seat on either side.

  2. 50 / 72 / 100 questions in 50 / 75 / 90 / 120 minutes or whatever I say.

  3. The exam is closed book/notes.

  4. Do NOT fold or mutilate your scantron.

    And no/  ⃠   dog ears on scantrons.

    Use a
    number 2 pencil on it. Try to avoid making changes or smudging. Erase any changed-to-unselected answers fully.

  5. The questions are all multiple-choice questions.

    If you do NOT know the right answer, eliminate the wrong answers and guess.

    Don't leave any questions blank.

  6. Time should NOT be a problem. Nevertheless, work briskly.

  7. Check your answers.

    Make sure you put your answer in the right place on the scantron---it's just so sad when people don't do that.

  8. Hand in scantron AND the test paper---PRINT you name on both---but that is all you need to put down.

    Why hand in both? There ARE different versions of the exams and I have to know which version you used and there are NO version numbers.

  9. Calculators and can be used for calculations ONLY.

    There are only a few calculations. So I will get suspicious of anyone constantly using their calculator.

    Cell phones or anything that can access the outside world are NOT permitted. Any such device should be out of sight, yours and mine.

    If you have NO allowed calculator and just can't do a calculation by hand, you can come down front and use your cell phone while being directly envigilated by yours truly.

  10. Don't hesitate to ask for clarifications. Wave your hand or come up to me if you can't get my attention.

  11. Washroom breaks? Just go if you need to.

  12. If this is a FINAL EXAM and you need a makeup for in-class tests, you can write those after completing the final. If you go beyond the final time period for the makeup, you will have to relocate.

    These are makeups, NOT retakes.

  13. No cheating. It's shameful. You are stealing from your fellow students. If you are caught, it's zero on the exam and other academic penalties from the Office of Student Conduct (OSC) will be incurred. They arn't pussycats over there.

    About those DIFFERENT VERSIONS of the test. I DO check if people have copied answers from the version they DO NOT have and I DO start the misconduct procedure if they have copied from the wrong version---I don't just let them have the low mark they got from copying wrong answers.

    It's just a report of readings.

  14. Exam marks will probably be ready tomorrow.

  15. Any last questions?

  16. Are we READY?


Instructor Notes

  1. Bring extra scantrons, number 2 pencils, erasers.
  2. Bring fresh in-class tests for last-minute makeups.
  3. Envigilate.
  4. Bring something to read: e.g., The Hobbit (1937).