Note that golden mass quenching is NOT a law of nature. It seems to be a conspiracy of nature. Golden mass quenching at of order the golden mass 10**12 M_☉ arises from some rough relationship between the size of the dark matter halo, the mass of supermassive black hole (SMBH) that is the result of the galaxy merger history, galaxy merger history in general leading to galaxy structure at the time of galaxy quenching, and the galaxy environment which is usually in a galaxy cluster.

The mechanism for the golden mass quenching has been explicated by Scharre et al 2024, p. 20). Essentially????, the inflow of gas to the central SMBH leads to very strong relativistic bipolar jets (from the accretion disk) which cause virial shock heating in the galactic halo of the hydrogen and helium gas which in turn causes said gas to be too hot to ever cool enough to collapse to form stars under self-gravity.?????

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