Large-scale structure keywords (i.e., large-scale structure keywords): accelerating universe, active galaxy nuclei (AGNs), age of the universe 13.801(24) Gyr, AGN feedback, baryonic matter, baryonic dark matter, Big Bang, big_bang_cosmology_limitations.html, celestial sphere, comoving frames, cosmic background radiation, cosmic microwave background (CMB), cosmic scale factor a(t), cosmic time, cosmological redshift z, cosmology, Dark Ages, dark matter, dark matter halos, expansion of the universe, Fornax Cluster, galactic halo galaxies, galaxy clusters, galaxy filaments, galaxy groups, galaxy superclusters, galaxy walls, gravity, Great Attractor, hierarchical structure formation Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster, intergalactic medium, interstellar medium (ISM), intracluster medium, Λ-CDM model (concordance model), Laniakea Supercluster, large-scale structure of the universe, Local Group of galaxies, local universe, lookback time, MOND (MOdified Newtonian Dynamics), Milky Way, N-body simulation, observable universe, Pavo-Indus Supercluster, recombination era, reionization era (AKA cosmic dawn), satellite galaxies, Southern Supercluster, stellar matter, structure formation (AKA large-scale structure formation), universe, vacuum light speed c = 2.99792458*10**5 km/s ≅ 3*10**5 km/s, Virgo Cluster, Virgo Supercluster, voids, warm-hot intergalactic medium (WHIM), etc.
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