UNLV WebCampus / Canvas Resources: Links, How-tos, Tricks

  1. Canvas (unlv): See UNLV WebCampus / Canvas Notices if you have the need to.
  2. Canvas guides for instructors (unlv)
    1. Do new Announcements send an email to students?: Yes.
    2. quick guide to getting started (pdf):
    3. Canvas overview video (canvas.com) | 5:47
    4. Quizzes (unlv):
      1. How do I add more than one attachment to an announcement?: "Currently, only one attachment can be added to an announcement." There is a trick to adding more, but is it worth it? You have to be able to Manage Usage Rights, but that tab is NOT in the 3-dot list at UNLV.
      2. How do I create a quiz with individual questions?: reading (canvas.com): It goes on and on. student view, how-to html: For each course: home, right-hand menu, student view. To leave student view: home, lower right-hand button, leave student view.
  3. Email students / email students / inbox: Use inbox using the pen icon to email the students.
  4. How do I create a folder in Files as an instructor?: reading (canvas.com): click + Folder (upper right) /
  5. login: WebCampus Canvas
  6. Panopto (unlv): Lecture capture: Note on the Canvas (unlv) Panopto (unlv) page at upper right is the square-arrow icon for the plain Panopto (unlv) page.
    1. Guides: active pdf (unlv): The ones that may be most useful to me:
      1. Best Practices, pdf
      2. How to Edit a Video, html
      3. How-to Tutorials: Panopto & Webex, html (unlv)
      4. Initial Guide, pdf: Good for getting started.
      5. Panopto Folder and Session Customization: pdf (unlv)
      6. Moving videos to a different course, pdf: "NOTE: Panopto does not allow users to copy videos from one course to another. In lieu of copying, you must move content manually from folder to folder."
      7. Using the same video for multiple courses, pdf (unlv): For creating playlists, but you have to see How to Create and Share a Playlist for Panopto Basic and Pro Overview (Panopto) below for how-to add to a playlist. But, alas, you need to create a separate playlist for every course---it says so on p. 9.
        See also:
        1. When you go to a course Panopto (unlv) page, the upper right menu; folder share, folder stats, folder settings, open a panopto (panopto) window where you can see my folder.
        2. Information and Communication Technology Accessibility Policy pdf: 5 pages: A call 2020aug19 to the Office of Accessibility Resources informed me that the policy is being phased in over multiple semester and immediate compliance in all detail is NOT expected. In particular, the statement on p. 4: "Personal or faculty websites, are not to be used for the dissemination of any instructional materials or content nor to conduct official university academic or business activities." can be noncomplied with for faculty websites for awhile and later an official exception can be asked for.
        3. How to Add ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) Captions into a Video: Long.
        4. How to Create and Share a Playlist for Panopto Basic and Pro Overview (Panopto): Shows how to create and add to a playlist probably better than Using the same video for multiple courses, pdf (unlv) above.
          Add: go to course, find playlist, click settings, click overview, scroll down to add videos, click add, at top find the folder (e.g., my folder) with the video, click on the video, click add, click close.
        5. To see a playlist items after clicking on the playlist, you have to click the "stack icon" on the top menu right of "Powered by Panopto".
        6. My IAL playlist: Ast103/104 Panopto IAL Lectures
          Playlist Ast103/104 Panopto IAL Lectures contains the Panopto lectures on Introductory Astronomy Lectures (IAL) that I have created for Ast103 and Ast104. IAL itself is a set of online lectures that can be found by googling "unlv jeffery ial". The URL is http://www.physics.unlv.edu/~jeffery/astro/ial/ial_0000.html#Introductory%20Astronomy%20Lectures:%20%20Contents .
    2. Support site (panopto.com):
      1. How to Record with Panopto for Windows
      2. How to Use Panopto for Windows Basic and Advanced Recording Settings: reading (panopto.com): Note: "2.2c: Delete recordings once they are uploaded: When enabled, Panopto will delete your local files for recordings 48 hours after they have been uploaded to your Panopto site. This setting is recommended for shared machines with limited storage space." I guess this means that to use/make a recording there must be a local to your machine version which should be deleted automatically---but there is a saved version on your Panopto site---I hope so.
    3. Panopto tricks:
      1. Recording: click: create, record new session, open panopto, open link (not choose), record (it minimizes stupidly, but you can change this with Settings saved hopefully), maximize, record.
      2. Pausing, stopping: click: pause (to pause), stop, name click on the canvas panopto (to make the file visible in the folder). Do NOT "set offline". Let the video complete processing which takes many minutes.
      3. To view video, etc.: click; file to play, stats, edit, delete.
      4. Resume making video: click: create, record new session, open panopto, open link (not choose), manage recordings, select file to resume.
        OR under settings for a video, click resume. This is probably the way that works when the "manage" command in the first way shows nothing for some reason.
      5. Screen capture: click: enable screen capture (at lower left of main screen) to show your computer screen.
      6. Webcam to main screen: click: Maybe no way when recording, but playing you click arrow right in the upper right of main screen to reverse small and main screen presentation, arrow left to unreverse.
      7. Just audio: click: video menu: none (for just audio recording).
      8. html presentation: click: enable screen capture (at lower left of main screen), full screen the desired window, to view with video click enlarge in upper right of main screen.
        Note: videos should not embed copyrighted material. So one CANNOT show videos in panopto videos. So just an audio with the students following along their own browser window they control themselves.
      9. Using the Same Video in Multiple Courses pdf: It ain't simple.
  7. Teaching & Working Remotely, page (unlv)
  8. Teaching Remotely for Instructors, page (unlv): Just a front page to many resources.
  9. Webex & Panopto How-to Tutorials (unlv): Mostly short videos:
    1. Introduction to Teaching, Learning, and Working Remotely, unlv video| 1:11: Just intro, low cal.
    2. WebEx or Panopto: What's Right for Me? unlv video | 1:08: Panopto (wik) is lecture capture, asynchronous: good for large classes. Webex (wik) is for synchronous sessions: conferences, small classes, or if you must do asynchronous sessions. Decision tree for Panopto/Webex: reading (unlv): Almost everything says I should use Panopto for lectures.
  10. Webex Video Conferencing: You can log into your Webex account and consult help stuff there and start meetings if UNLV Canvas Webex giver error message.
    1. Upper right sign in and then launch meeting.
    2. Error: "Unauthorized access. Your session has expired, please join again via your learning management system."
    3. UNLV help desk: Applies to Webex too.
    4. UNLV Webex help
  11. Webex (unlv) videos (i.e., Webex (unlv) videos):
    1. WebEx for Instructors - 1. Logging In | 1:13: In Canvas: Go course / Go settings (left side menu) / Go Navigation (top menu) / drag zoom from hidden to navigation / Save.
    2. WebEx for Instructors - 2. Schedule Meetings | 1:59: Tells you how to set up meetings which could be lectures. Yes, you can somehow save Webex sessions, but it said in another video, not this one.
    3. WebEx for Instructors - 3. Virtual Appointments | 0:46: Great yeah.
    4. WebEx for Faculty/Staff - 2. Schedule Meeting | 1:26: This is for outside of Canvas.
  12. Webex tricks:
    1. What are the Differences Between Webex Meetings and Events?: A key one is that standard meetings are only up to 25 participants, though available up to 1000---but how. So I guess, Webex (unlv) lectures are "events".
    2. Webex and Canvas: Integration and Features pdf
    3. Webex Video Conferencing: This is the link for Starting/Scheduling a meeting NOT through Canvas (unlv):
    4. Switching hosts: You can transfer the host role during a WebEx meeting at any time. Go to the Participants panel, right click on the participant who you want to make host, and then click Change Role To > Host.
    5. Select Who You Want to Focus on in Cisco Webex Meeting or Event: The host can focus/unfocus on a participant for everyone by clicking on the lock/unlocking icon by their name in their window/box/video. If the host does NOT lock, the participants can choose their own focus. But this feature does NOT WORK for me anyway.
    6. Upper mid-left for schedule. But how do you change settings? See How Do I Edit a Scheduled Meeting? See Schedule, Edit, Cancel, or Start a Cisco Webex Event. But Webex (unlv) does NOT have this stuff. Canceling a Canvas recurring meeting is really hard:
      1. Go to the Canvas Webex page for a course: then upper right account settings, conferencing accounts, webex meeting sites, then you have your webex home. or just UNLV webex login.
      2. Click on Calendar (with calendar/plug icon).
      3. Click on the date window to get a calendar: click on latest date and scroll back over the dates you want to see and then click again on the darkened dates, then click OK. The you should see all the dates in the darkened region. But if you edit one of them, all the others disappear and you have get the dates back.
      4. Now Canvas webex sets up recurring meetings, but does NOT tell webex that they are recurring. So you cannot cancel a recurring meeting.
      5. If you edited a meeting (icon pencil), then you can change it to recurring but that just makes that one meeting recurring and then you can cancel it all those new recurring meetings, but not the original recurring meeting that Canvas webex did not tell webex was a recurring meeting.
      6. So you are sunk. You have to cancel each of the Canvas recurring meetings one at a time with the schedule disappearing after each edit. But this trick doesn't remove the meetings from the Canvas schedule.
      7. To remove from the Canvas schedule:
        1. Go to the course in Canvas and click on the WebEx tab in the class
        2. Once there find the meeting you need to delete and press the "+" next to the event title
        3. This will expand the event options and you will see 4 symbols meaning: edit, attendance list, invite, delete (which is supposed to look like an eraser).
        4. One of them is the Delete option. You will want to delete all events in the series.
    7. How to get Zoom on the Canvas left menu: click settings (left menu), click navigation (top menu), drag Webex from lower center menu to upper center menu, save at bottom.
    8. How to really CANCEL a meeting on the Canvas webex page:
      1. Click upper right menu "Account Settings".
      2. Click left menu "Conferencing Accounts".
      3. Click middle menu "Log into Webex Meetings site".
      4. Click left menu calendar icon (looks more like a electrical plug symbol).
      5. Click on date range box to get calender and try to get it to show all the meetings you want. But this feature does NOT work very well. Try to get the first date and the last date in the calendar box and the meeting to show in the list. Maybe some double clicks, but heaven knows.
      6. Click on the meeting in the meeting list.
      7. Click upper right menu icon trash can.
    9. Left-hand side of Webex calendar for settings for events/meetings.
    10. Changing/editing events/meetings: upper right has name account settings / click account settings / left side click Conferencing Accounts / click Log into Webex Events/Meetings/Trainings site / Upcoming Meetings with "Start", "event" / click "event" and edit is lower right and then edit, but it is not clear that it works since doesn't update Upcoming Meetings. Also it seems to only show times for Hawaii/Honolulu time---why?
    11. Conferencing Accounts has more control stuff: Left side menu
      1. Home
      2. Meetings with upcoming and a date range. Click date range to select range. But how do you save the selection? No way it seems.
      3. Preferences. But seems pretty useless.
    12. Starting an event/meeting as host: how-to:
      1. Clicking on the event/meeting in the list just give you details, not how-to.
      2. Maybe the Prepare, but do you join as host or just participant?
      3. Quick Launch (quick launch) on top menu to have meeting right now. Then select time frame. After flickering, the "Starting your meeting..." page should come up. But this is NOT the scheduled meeting/event. It's a new one!!!!
    13. Menu at bottom of the screen; to see, hover/click on screen: red means OFF, black means ON: mike, camera, share content, recorder, participants (shows names at right), chat with all, more options, leave meeting (which for host is end meeting).
      One can join one's own meeting, but then the mike starts echoing weirdly and painfully.
    14. The "chat" option allows attendees to post written comments that everyone can see. Students can ask "chat" questions.
    15. Menu at upper left: 3 dots (mirror/not mirror): mirroring is more natural to see what to move.
      Multiple participants:
      1. Upper right menu: active speaker video view, floating panel view/unview (seems to full screen view/unview. The active speaker seems to video only on the active speaker---which should usually be host/instructor.
    16. When "sharing" window, then there is a top menu: stop sharing, ... participates, chat, more.
    17. Webex videos/pages:
      1. Cisco WebEx - Controls for Meeting hosts | 1:28: It does NOT tell you how to control the cameras so that only one person appears.
      2. Webex Help: How To Share Your Screen | 1:06: Sharing files, windows, whole screen. It does NOT tell you how to control the cameras so that only one person appears.
      3. Select Who You Want to Focus on in a Cisco Webex Meeting | page: The PIN BUTTON on the video boxes: lock/unlock the video focus!!!
  13. Zoom tricks:
    1. Zoom Host
    2. Zoom participants on or off: "While scheduling a Zoom Meeting, select Off for participants (in the Video section) to ensure that their video will be disabled when joining your meeting. During a Zoom Meeting the host or co-host(s) can stop or ask to start video for specific participants through the Manage Participants feature."
  14. Etc.