Here is my Racecar/Daily Driver

Our lady of blessed acceleration don't fail me now!

Me and my Fiero took FIRST place in the
Las Vegas Region SCCA SOLO2 C-Stock
Division for the year 2000!
(The C-Street Prepared division for 2001 with the Fiero is now OVER!)
(My engine mod has bumped me into another class! May the hamster be victorious!)

I have retired Natasha from the harshness of racing continually. My New weapon is a F125 Shifter Kart

Click here for my shifter kart website!

One of the rare photos of me!

Click here for a list of publications that my name or car is in
Click here for my Autocross Pictures

THINGS TO COME:     RS Motorsports 9psi Supercharger kit, Larger throttle body and injectors, EPROM tuning...

Clickable stuff!
Pennocks Fiero Forum
Sequential Turn Signal Stuff
prototype boards.   schematic  circuit boards

Here are the pics starting the 2001 CSP season (Pics are WAY TOO BIG)

 Click Here For Pics when Re-Doing the Rings

Click here for Marks Rx-7 (Hamster)website

Finally!  Here is a collection of miscellaneous pics of my Fiero and others.
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