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Advanced students can investigate the Kellerman Kollection, a priceless archive of O. J. material and guide to other celebrity trials as well.

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OJ Simpson trial trivia quiz

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There are a total of 52 questions: a full deck! But, of course, if YOU had a full deck, you wouldn't be reading this.

NOTE! many of the questions are NEW!! Have your pencils ready. Don't peek at anyone else's paper or I'll sue your socks off!

  1. Which attorney went to jail?
  2. What does it take to join the dream team?
  3. "Black people can't float!" Who said that, and to whom?
  4. What was O. J.'s relationship with Bill Clinton?
  5. What did OJ Simpson say to the prisoner in the next cell, and who WAS the prisoner in the next cell?
  6. How many books have been written about the OJ case?
  7. Who had breast implants?
  8. Who had his secretary send presents to his girlfriends on their birthdays?
  9. Who had to deny rumors that they are getting married?
  10. Who divorced his wife to marry his beautiful secretary?
  11. Who was once married to a former Mouseketeer?
  12. What husband left his wife for another man?
  13. When O. J started dating Nicole, what was Marguerite Simpson doing?
  14. Who once dated Priscilla Presley?
  15. One of OJ's friends, Joe Stellini, was a maitre-d at the Luau restaurant from the mid-60's to the mid-70's. How was the restaurant's owner, Steven Crane, connected to ANOTHER celebrity murder story?
  16. Who posed nude for Playboy?
  17. Who had the nose job?
  18. Who had rickets?
  19. Who was once married to a professional backgammon player?
  20. After her divorce from OJ, who was briefly engaged to a rabbi?
  21. What celebrity athletes were ushers at the wedding of O. J. and Nicole?
  22. Who was once married to a vacuum cleaner salesman and to a drug dealer?
  23. Who was hit with a palimony suit?
  24. Who had a child custody hearing during the OJ trial?
  25. Who moved to California from Germany, not speaking English?
  26. Which attorney defended which other attorney in a drunk driving case?
  27. This attorney defended Michael Milken, Leona Helmsley, and Mike Tyson. (Note: this was in three separate trials!) What were the clients accused of doing, and what happened to the clients?
  28. Name the attorney in the previous question.
  29. Who advised O.J. to fire Robert Shapiro?
  30. This attorney defended Sam Shepard and Albert De Salvo, (in two separate trials) What were these clients accused of doing, and what happened to these clients ?
  31. Name the attorney in the previous question.
  32. Who is representing victims of the Oklahoma City bombing?
  33. How many lawyers on OJ's defense team were accused of wife beating? (Excuse me, "spousal abuse"?)
  34. What was Klaus Von Bulow accused of doing?
  35. Who was the attorney who defended Klaus Von Bulow?
  36. Now a really tough question to test your OJ IQ... Who once dated Shaquille O'Neal?
  37. Special bonus prison question: Whose parents spent the Second World War in a prison camp?
  38. According to the defense, Detective Mark Fuhrman was motivated by racism, and planted the bloody glove. Fuhrman denies being a racist. Where did Detective Fuhrman go shopping for a vacation home?
  39. COMPREHENSIVE FINAL EXAMINATION QUESTION: Can you name ALL the lawyers on both sides.
  40. "We can't have snakes in the bed trying to sleep with us!" Who said that, and about whom?
  41. Who was accused of being "a sick little puppy", and who made the accusation?
  42. Which lawyer vowed never to SPEAK with which other lawyer again?
  43. Who accused whom of "playing the race card from the bottom of the deck?"
  44. Who accused whom of being hypocritical and spiteful?
  45. Which lawyer vowed never to work with another lawyer again?
  46. Who publicly wondered if he would ever practice law again?
  47. Who announced he was shutting down his practice as a defense attorney?
  48. How does the civil trial differ from the earlier criminal trial?
  49. Race and the judicial system. Part I: When does the prosecutor seek the death penalty? In murder cases, suppose a prosecutor has 100 cases, each involving a black victim and a white defendant; and another 100 cases involving a white victim and a black defendant. Does that make a difference in whether or not the prosecutor seeks the death penalty?
  50. Race and the judicial system. Part II. When are death sentences handed down? Does it matter whether it is a white convicted of killing a black or vice-versa?
  51. How many police officers with racial attitudes like Mark Fuhrman are on the Los Angeles Police Department?
  52. Besides LA, are police forces in other cities in trouble because of their treatment of the minority community?

Finished, class? Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer, add up your score, and rate youself.
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Note to the reader: The philosophy behind this page is that reality is more bizarre than anything that can be made up. If you want stuff that is made up, check out the OJ Simpson Joke homepage

If you are really following the trial intently, you can check out the court transcripts or check out the excellent OJ home page maintained by Dmitri Gusev of Indiana University. This excellent site also has links to other OJ home pages.
This quiz requires some really heavy-duty theoretical thinking. So much so that it may be hazardous to your health. Now is the time to do a quick check to see if your head is about to explode.

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