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The UNLV REU Director is John W. Farley

What previous REU students have said about the summer program at UNLV:

  • A student from Harvey Mudd College: "I am very pleased that I decided to come to UNLV this summer. Rather than treating me as a pupil or employee, the professor seemed to regard me as a colleague. I have found not only a mentor, but a friend as well. This summer's activities will help to make me a better researcher in the future. Being an REU participant has been a very positive experience for me."
  • A student from Reed College: "I feel that this REU summer has served as a very valuable guide in my continuing education. Not only have I gained a better perspective of a physics laboratory, I have also gathered useful information through becoming more familiar with the laboratory environment. I enjoyed being a part of these stimulating surroundings. Such an experience should be required by anyone seriously considering graduate education as a physicist. The experiences I have had in your lab are memorable and treasured indeed."
  • A student from UNLV: "During my study, I have developed a new-found confidence to carry out experiments. This summer is one I'll never forget. My research experience hasn't been without struggle, but I feel the rewards are in my ability to move more freely and confidently in the realm of scientific research."
  • Another student writes: "I would like to say that this project has been a wonderful learning experience for me. It has helped me to decide that I want to continue my education pursuing theoretical physics. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with the professor and his graduate student. I have learned so much from them. "
  • Another student comments that "this summer gave me a real good idea about what actual research is all about and both what to expect and what problems you may encounter when doing research. I feel privileged to have participated in this program and know that the knowledge and experience gained will carry a long way."
  • A former UNLV undergraduate student, now a graduate student in physics at the University of Colorado: "My summer laboratory experience has been eventful and rewarding. I have learned many significant things this summer. My theoretical understanding has continued to develop, as well as my experimental technique. I really appreciate the opportunity that I have had to participate in the summer REU program."

Last Update: 4-15-2000 If you have any questions/comments/etc..., you can contact me at: farley@physics.unlv.edu. Copyright 2000 Adam Treat, John W. Farley. All rights reserved.