HUST GRB/TDE Central Engine Group

Room 420, D7 Building, Huazhong University of Science & Technology • Wuhan, Hubei, 430074 • China
Phone: +1-(702)-895-4790 (office, UNLV)

arXiv paper discussion

Group Members: 

Current group members include:
  •  Dr. Yang LI (visiting scholar from Shijiazhuang Tiedao University, since March 2015)
  •  Mr. Wei XIE (HUST PhD student, since 2014)
  •  Mr. Wei CHEN (HUST PhD student, since 2014)
  •  Mr. Shuai-Bing MA (HUST PhD student, since 2015)
  •  Ms. Qin WANG (HUST graduate student, since 2013)
  •  Mr. Zi-Pei ZHU (HUST graduate student, since 2015)
  • Past group members:
  •  Mr. Lei ZHANG (HUST B.S. 6/2010)
  •  Mr. Wei XIE (HUST B.S. 6/2012)
  •  Mr. Wen-Bo MA (HUST B.S. 6/2013)
  •  Mr. Jiu-Zhou WANG (HUST Ph.D, 2nd advisor, 06/2014)
  •  Ms. Jing LV (HUST Ph.D, 3rd advisor, 06/2013). Current position: Guangxi University


    8. “Evidence for Two-component Jet in Sw J1644+57”
        Jiu-Zhou Wang, Wei-Hua Lei*, Ding-Xiong Wang, Wei Xie, Bing Zhang
        Proceedings of Science (PoS), 2015, 10, 170, arXiv:1511.02488

    7. “GRB 131231A: Implications of the GeV Emission ”
        Bin Liu, Wei Chen, Yun-Feng Liang, Bei Zhou, Hao-Ning He, Pak-Hin Thomas Tam, Lang Shao, Zhi-Ping Jin, Yi-Zhong Fan, Da-Ming Wei
        ApJL, 2014, 787, L6, arXiv:1401.7283

    6. “Quasi-periodic Variations in X-Ray Emission and Long-term Radio Observations: Evidence for a Two-component Jet in Sw J1644+57 ”
        Jiu-Zhou Wang, Wei-Hua Lei*, Ding-Xiong Wang, Yuan-Chuan Zou, Bing Zhang, He Gao, Chang-Yin Huang
        ApJ, 2014, 788, 32, arXiv:1405.0180; Cited by this book

    5. “A Two Component Jet Model based on the Blandford-Znajek and Blandford-Payne Processes”
        Wei Xie, Wei Hua Lei*, Yuan Chuan Zou, Ding Xiong Wang, Qing Wen Wu, Jiu Zhou Wang
        RAA, 2012, 12, 817, arXiv:1202.5024

    4. “Lorentz Factor-Isotropic Luminosity/Energy Correlations of GRBS and Their Interpretation”
        J. Lv, Y.C. Zou, W. H. Lei*, B. Zhang, Q. W. Wu, D. X. Wang, E. W. Liang, H. J. Lv
        ApJ, 2012, 751, 49, arXiv:1109.3757

    3. “Amplification of Magnetic Field in Accretion Disk and Transition of Spectral States in Black Hole Binaries”
        Lei Zhang, Wei-Hua Lei*, and Ding-Xiong Wang*
        Journal of South-Central University for National ities, 2009, 28

    2. “A Toy Model for Magnetized Neutrino-Dominated Accretion Flows”
        W. H. Lei, D. X. Wang, L. Zhang, Z. M. Gan, and Y. C. Zou
        Sciences in China (G), 2010, 53(s1), 98-101, arXiv:0906.4967

    1. “Magnetically Torqued Neutrino-Dominated Accretion Flows for Gamma-ray Bursts”
        W. H. Lei, D. X. Wang, L. Zhang, Z. M. Gan, Y. C. Zou, and Y. Xie
        ApJ, 2009, 700, 1970, arXiv:0906.1635


        2015.06               Mr. Wei XIE awarded High Performance Computing Summer School Certificate

    Scientific Activities:

    2015.11                      Prof. Hui LI visited our group
                                        (talk; Collaborations on TDE simulations)

    2015.10                      Dr. Wei DENG (UNLV) visited our group
                                        (talk: MHD simulations of collision-induced magnetic reconnection in Poynting-flux-dominated jets and interpretation to the polarization observations of GRBs and blazar flares)
                                        (Collaboration: MHD simulation on GRB jet)

    2015.10                      Dr. Bin YUE (Scuola Normale Superiore) visited our group
                                        (talk: The near-infrared background as a probe of reionization sources)
                                        (Collaboration: Ultra-Long GRB model)

    2015.09                      Dr. Zhaoming GAN (SHAO) visited our group
                                        (talk: Numerical Simulations on Black Hole Feeding and Feedback Processes)
                                        (Collaboration: MHD simulation)

    2015.06                      Dr. Bin-Bin ZHANG (UAH) visited our group
                                        (talk: Updated Search for Pass 8 Data from the Fermi Large Area Telescope)
                                        (Collaboration: Jet precession and GRB prompt lightcurve)

    2015.06                      Prof. Hui LI visited our group
                                        (talk; Collaborations on MHD simulations)

    2015.06                      Dr. Qiang YUAN (UMASS) and Dr. Ye LI (UNLV) visited our group
                                        (Ye LI's talk: Can Life Survive Gamma Rays Bursts in High Redshift Universe?. Here is a news reporting her work!!)
                                        (Work with Qiang YUAN on TDE)

    2015.01                      Dr. Hou-Jun LV (UNLV) visited our group
                                        (talk: The Magnetar Central Engine in GRBs)

    2014.11                      Prof. Hui LI visited our group
                                        (lecture, talk; Collaborations on MHD simulations)

    2014.05                     Prof. Bing ZHANG (UNLV) visited HUST
                                        (talk: On the Nature of Fast Radio Burst)

    2014.01-2015.01                     Mr. Wei CHEN visited PMO (Joint Supervision)
                                        (advisor in PMO: Prof. Yi-Zhong FAN)

    2013.07                     Mr. Wei CHEN participated 4th Fermi Asian Network (FAN) workshop (by The University of Hong Kong)
                                        (also attended the Mini-training Course for Analysing Fermi Data)

    2013.06                     Prof. Bing ZHANG (UNLV) visited HUST
                                        (talk 1: High Energy Transient Astrophysics in the Multi-Messenger Era;
                                        talk 2: Gamma-Ray Bursts: The Most Violent Explosions since Big Bang)

    2013.06                      Dr. Qiang YUAN and Dr. Song-Zhan CHEN (IHEP) visited our group
                                        (Qiang YUAN's talk: Implication of AMS-02 positron fraction measurement)
                                        (Song-Zhan CHEN's talk: The Ground Experiments of Cosmic Ray)

    2013.05                      Dr. Z. Lucas UHM (KIAA) and Dr. He GAO (UNLV) visited our group
                                        (Lucas UHM's talk: On the Emission Mechanism of GRB Afterglow and Prompt Gamma-Rays)

    2013.04                      Dr. Shu-Jin HOU (XMU) visited our group
                                        (talk: The Black-body emission in GRBs and the Study of L_iso-\Gamma Correlation)

    2012.11                      Dr. He GAO (UNLV) visited our group
                                        (talk: Analytical Approximations for Compton Scattering of Self-Absorbed Synchrotron Emission)

    2012.09                      Prof. En-Wei LIANG (GXU) visited our group
                                        (talk: Emission Components in GRBs and Implications for their Central Engine and Fireball Properties)

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