Schedule for the arXiv new paper discussion (Fall 2011) 
Friday at 1pm in the Dept. Conference Room(217)

Date Name Note
Aug. 5 Weihua Lei Burgess M. J. et al., arXiv:1107.6024,
 fit with physical spec model (e.g., syn+BB) to get physical parameters
Bosnjak, Z., & Kumar, P., arXiv: 1108:0929,
magnetic jet model explains the delay of 100MeV photons
Aug. 12 Bo Zhang

Aug. 19 Francisco Virgili No new GRB paper

Aug. 26 Amanda Maxham No new GRB paper

Sept. 2


Sept. 9 Houjun Lu

Sept. 16 Wei Deng Filgas, D. et al., arXiv: 1109.2810,
nice optical data for GRB 091127, cooling break
Robertson, B. E., Ellis, R. S., arXiv: 1109.0990
connecting GRB rate and star formation
Ghirlanda, G., Ghisellini, G., Nava, L., arXiv: 1109.1833
time resolution study for Ghirlanda relation
Sept. 23 He Gao Shen, R.F., et al. arXiv: 1109.3453
explain both shallow decay phase and normal phase by the external shock model
in wind. Same idea see: arXiv: 1109.5218
Sept. 30 Weihua Lei

Oct. 7 Bo Zhang

Ruffini et al. arXiv: 1110.0407
photosphere emission
Metzger et al. arXiv: 1110.1111
afterglow model for radio emission for Sw J1644+57
GRB 110205A
Oct. 14


Oct. 21 Houjun Lu
Chandra & Frail. arXiv: 1110.4124
A Radio-selected Sample of Gamma Ray Burst Afterglows

Oct. 28 Wei Deng

Nevada Day Recess
Nov. 4 Bo Zhang

W. Zheng et al. arXiv: 1111.0283
A textbook burst: grb 110205A
Nov. 11 He Gao

Veterans Day Recess

Nov. 18 Weihua Lei

Nov. 25 Wei Deng

Thanksgiving Recess
Dec. 2 Massimiliano De Pasquale

Dec. 9 Resmi Lekshmi

Dec. 16 Lucas Uhm

Dec. 23 Houjun Lu