Simulations from Dannen et al. (2020)

Clumpy AGN outflows due to thermal instability
(To appear in ApJ Letters)
arXiv posting

1-D Simulations

Models A,B,C,D

In addition to the colorscheme used in the paper (orange, green, blue, and red for model A, B, C, and D - see solid lines), these movies show symbols at every grid zone, which besides giving a sense of the numerical resolution, are color-coded blue and red to denote zones occupying the cold versus hot phases, respectively. Sonic points are marked with an 'X'.

This next set of movies shows the same 4 runs in the top panels and runs at 8x higher resolution in the bottom panels in order to judge the effects of numerical resolution.

2-D Simulation

Model B

Here is a global view, showing the full domain. Sonic surfaces are marked with a green contour.

This next movie is for the same run, but we zoom-in on the region within five inner radii.


We thank Jim Stone and the other developers of Athena++ for making this code publicly available.