Winners Hall of Fame

for the Highlander Quote Game

Everything about Highlander: The Series, including the words used in this game, belongs to Davis/Panzer Productions, Gaumont, and/or Rysher. 

For a time I ran a "Highlander Quote Game," where I posted quotes from the show and quotes from fanfiction, and left them up until someone successfully identified them, or until a month had passed. I don't run that game anymore, but I thought I'd leave up the list of winners and quotes.

At first I didn't include the full quotes, here, for the fanfiction part of the game, so some of those early rounds only show the winners, not the quote.


Highlander:  The Series winners
Round 1
Fiction Reader "Cut clean." Methos, in "Methuselah's Gift", to the Watcher about to behead him.
Round 2
Janeen Grohsmeyer "Yeah, a lot's happened in 400 years. But I survived." Duncan to Cassandra in "Prophecy"
Round 3
Sshandera "Tess, you do know that they all carry big swords?" Richie in "The Lady and the Tiger"
Round 4
Janeen Grohsmeyer "Are you nuts?!  He'd have to be immortal!"  Carolyn Marsh to Duncan and Amanda in "Dramatic License"
Round 5
Sshandera "Who wants to live forever?" Randi MacFarland to Duncan in "See No Evil"
Round 6
Shell "Would you save it for the romance novels?!" Duncan to Richie in "Haunted"
Round 7
Sshandera "You'll know me.  I'm the one with a head." Quenten Barnes to Duncan in "Turnabout"
Round 8
Dawn Nyberg "He's American, and they have this ridiculous obsession with breasts." Eduard,  in "The Ransom of Richard Redstone"
Round 9
Jules "What if I told you it was magic?  Duncan to Charlie in "Unholy Alliance Part 2"
Round 10
Lena Kaminskaja "You should have been there."  Methos to Kalas in "Methos"
Round 11
Sshandera "You're a guest here, MacLeod.  Die anywhere you like."  Michael Kent in "The Samurai"
Round 12
Astrochick "It isn't over 'til I take your head!" Duncan to Richie in "The Gathering"
Round 13
Dawn Nyberg "Stick around.  I'll be right back." Richie to Joe when he'd been shot in "Counterfeit Part 2"
Round 14
Lee Ash Burn "Well, he's certainly the man to take you."  Joe to Alexa about Methos taking her to Egypt in "Timeless"
Round 15
Sshandera "What are you raving at?"  Methos to Duncan when Duncan returns to life in "Not To Be".
Round 16
Lisa Kadlec I love company.  Who brought the beer?" Duncan to the Inspector in "Valkyrie".
Round 17
Dawn Nyberg "I've put in my time."  Duncan to the criminal Slade in "Bad Day in Building A"
Round 18
Lisa Kadlec "You were born a pig farmer, and you'll always be a pig farmer."  Consone to Duncan as they fight, in "Duende."
Round 19
Sshandera "Have a nice day."  Methos to Duncan after insisting that MacLeod give him the barge in "Til Death."
Round 20
Dawn Nyberg "The CIA and the Intergalactic SpacePatrol couldn't find him, but you, Duncan MacLeod, are going to find him."  Richie in "For Evil's Sake" about Duncan looking for Kuyler.
Round 21
Naomi "I think I just did."  MacLeod to Charlie in "Revenge of the Sword", after Charlie asked if Duncan thought he could fly.
Round 22
No winner this round "How nice."
Round 23
Robin Tennenbaum "Do you not think you have an unfair advantage?" Duncan in the flashback in "Diplomatic Immunity" when he finds an immortal about to fight a pistol duel.
Round 24
Lisa Kadlec "I didn't change.  You did."  Grayson to Darius in "Band of Brothers".
Round 25
Sshandera "It'll be a beautiful war."  Annie Devlin to Duncan in "Eye for and Eye".
Round 26
Sshandera "You know what I like about these things?  If you had enough stairs they would go on forever." Matthew McCormick in "Manhunt", about a slinky.
Round 27
Desert Rat "Hitler knows there's nothing like a good war to pick up an economy."  Kirin/Cage in the Spanish Civil War flashback in "Blind Faith".
Round 28
Robin Tennenbaum "You could take them for a spin."  Ahriman, as Horton, to Joe about his new legs in "Armageddon".
Round 29
Lisa Kadlec "Well, in that case, I'll have a beer and a haircut."  Carter Wellan to Delilah, the bartender, in "End of Innocence".
Round 30
Zofia "I like to know who's around" Duncan to Methos in Comes a Horseman, as they sense Koren/Kronos and Methos proposes to take a different way home.
Round 31
Lisa Kadlec "I think he's one of those young ones, who kills for sport." Duncan to Gina about Methos, the mystery immortal, in "Till Death".
Round 32
Robyn Deddens "Just great!  I mean, he's there, they're there, we're here, nobody's anywhere!" Richie to Tessa in "The Watchers".
Round 33
Lisa Kadlec "Hey, how about this?  You live, he lives, and we just walk away?" Joe to Duncan about going after Kanwulf in "Homeland".
Round 34
MCC of San Francisco "The good news is I'm rusty; I might miss.  You want to know what the bad news is?  The bad news is, I'm really pissed." Duncan to one of Slade's thugs in "Bad Day in Building A".
Round 35
Trilby "I don't have any friends that I like that much." Jack Ryan in "Family Tree" when accused of using friends to cheat at gambling.
Round 36
Samurai of the Clan Dancers of the Dream "Hasta la vista, baby." Both Duncan and Richie in "Reluctant Heroes", when discussing modern cinema.
Round 37
Robine "Men achieve greatness when they have freedom.  Freedom to fail, but freedom."  Said by Duncan MacLeod in "The Road Not Taken" during the flashback to Kiem Sun.  He was trying to convince him as to why the drug he was developing was wrong.
Round 38
Camimac "In the future I'll remember to leave your friends in peace." Sheriff Crowley to Duncan in "Innocent Man."  Duncan replies "What future?" and then beheads him. 
Round 39
Ravenclaw "Sometimes you got to take what's there if that's all there is."  Asia, in "The Zone"
Round 40
Chris Carter "Same clan, different vintage."  Connor MacLeod to Tessa, explaining his relationship to Duncan, in "The Gathering."
Round 41
Alice Shockley "I haven't felt guilt since the eleventh century."  Methos to Duncan in "Til Death."
Round 42
Sshandera "Why'd you lie to me?"  Duncan to Methos in "Comes A Horseman"
Round 43
Rob Mueninghoff "Old timer, you got any words of wisdom for me?" Richie to Methos in the epilogue of The Messenger.  Methos replies, "No."
Round 44
Sshandera "It's delicious."  Said by Duncan to Maia when he tastes sushi in The Samurai. Then he drinks a lot of water.
Round 45
Robine "You look like Hell."  Said by Duncan to Richie in Prodigal Son when Richie arrives at the Barge in Paris after having not seen each other for months.Richie had been riding his bike hard for days to reach him.

Below are the winners of the fanfic competition.  In response to players' requests, I am reconstucting this portion to include the fanfic quotes, themselves.  The problem is, I can't remember the early ones, so this is still a work in progress.
Highlander Fanfiction Winners
Round 1
Fiction Reader Freedom by Highlandlass
Round 2
Radish Girl Bench Press by Mary Galasso
Round 3
Robin Tennenbaum Episodic Sadie by bbc "Daddy's busy now!"
Round 4
Radish Girl The Victories We Claim by Sandra McDonald
Round 5
Robin Tennenbaum Highland Foundling by Janeen Grohsmeyer.  Also in Hope Forgotten Cassandra shifted her voice again, using the Voice to lay a compulsion on him.  "This is your child, Ian MacLeod.  Let no one tell you different." 
Round 6
Lisa Kadlec Risk, by Cathy Butterfield "You should get yourself a new lawyer, Joseph Dawson," Murabi said
abruptly.  "MacLeod's offer to confess is your best chance at freedom."
Round 7
Kathy Hunter Still-Heart, by LaDonna King "It was both comforting and terrifying to see something so impossible under the harsh glare of modern lighting. The jackals looked somehow more firmly grounded in reality than the four walls around them, bringing Methos' own existence into question."
Round 8
Zofia Archangel Redeemed, by MacGeorge and V.  Watts      Methos swallowed the terrible dryness in his mouth. 
    "What did he say?"  Methos asked, afraid of the answer. 
    Amanda's mouth curved.  "He didn't want to bleed on the rug." 
    "Excuse me?"  The tension eased out of those wide shoulders. 
Amanda gestured toward the oriental carpet that lay in the middle of the room.  "He didn't want to stain the carpet," and she started to giggle. 
Round 9
Kathy Hunter The Better Part of Valor, by Teresa C
Round 10
RJ Ferrance Burdens of Responsibility, by Robin Tennenbaum
Round 11
Pollyanna Chaos Chronicles, Part 3, by Eng "Lt. Crane joined the Highlander and the doctor, glad to be  leaving the obscenely gleeful and thoroughly demented young watcher. No wonder they kept Dr. Piersen on historical research.  He wasn't safe out in the field."
Round 12
Angry Adolescence, by Vi Moreau
"Do you know what I want?" Methos asked, warming to his subject.  "I want the French to learn to make good beer.  After all, they make the best champagne on the planet.  And really excellent red  wines.  And you Germans, just across the border -- you make wonderful beer!  So why can't the French make good beer?  It's not that difficult, you know." 
Round 13
Absolutely Not, by Kay Kelly
"Was this some Immortal equivalent of Alzheimer's?  Methos was very old, and he admittedly remembered nothing of  his youth. Was that an early symptom of a condition that was now worsening? 

Ridiculous. It would be one hell of a coincidence if the very next symptom involved something as traumatic as Richie Ryan's death. " 

Round 14
Welcome Back, by Dawn Cunningham
"Methos looked at the Watcher as if he'd lost his mind. 'Joe, in case you forgot, Ryan lost his head over a year ago. Last time I heard, that meant we didn't come back.'"
Round 15
Susan Fortune's Fool, by Dawn Nyberg "Richie saved me. He was going to kill me." Joe was beside himself.
Adam reached down and helped the man up from the floor.