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Everything about Highlander: The Series, including the words used in this game, belongs to Davis/Panzer Productions, Gaumont, and/or Rysher.  We play this game because we love the show.  No money is made - we mean no harm.

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Highlander:  The Series
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 Who said:  "That'd be me."

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Highlander Web Fan Fiction
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How to Play
The winner is the sender of the first e-mail message to reach my inbox with the following information about the quote.  These are two separate competitions.  You can win in either category.

For Highlander: The Series quotes

1.  The name of the character who said it,
2.  The episode name of the Highlander: The Series show in which it was said, and
3.  A brief description of the circumstances under which it was said.

For Highlander Web Fan Fiction quotes

1.  The title of the story it was in,
2.  The author of the story, and
3.  A URL where the story can be found (so I can check if you found the same words somewhere different than where I did).

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What Winners Get

Congratulations and public praise!  Winners' names are posted on my Highlander Keep web page.  Honorable mention goes to those who e-mail a correct response, but were not the first to do so.  Winners are archived at this site.

How to Help

Play the game!  Also, send me quote suggestions.  Sorry, if you submitted the quote, you are disqualified from winning that round.  Let me know if I may use your fan fiction and a link to it in the game (include a URL, please). I am the only judge, so all quibbles go to me.  I also welcome suggestions about how to make the game better.  E-mail me.