Laboratory of Macromolecular Systems

Department of Physics, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Research Interests of Radoslav Bogoslovov

      Polymer electrolytes are solid solutions of alkali metal salts (typically lithium salts) in polymer hosts such as poly(ethylene oxide), (PEO). In recent years, they have been extensively explored, mostly because of their potential importance as solid polymer electrolytes (SPEs) in rechargeable batteries and other electrochemical devices. They are considered very promising combining high energy density, enhanced mechanical strength and durability, ease of processing and safety.

      We study the physical properties of neat PEO melts and PEO-melt/LiClO4 electrolytes using experimental techniques such as static and dynamic light scattering (photon correlation spectroscopy and Brillouin spectroscopy), rhreometry, viscometry and DSC analysis. The most current project is a study of the structural relaxation and local segmental dynamics in the polymer electrolyte using Brillouin light scattering technique.

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