The SM Plotting Package

SM is a plotting widely used by astronomers. It is unofficially called SuperMongo: the writers of Mongo, another plotting package, probably objected to the official use of SuperMongo---or maybe Ming the Merciless objected. SM is OK and it's relatively cheap. The official SM manual can be reached at the link below. Interactive SM can be used directly on the NMT physics cluster: just type the command ``sm''. There is also fortran callable SM.

In compiling the executable one must link to libraries

I use the definition
LDFLAGS = /usr/local/lib/libplotsub.a /usr/local/lib/libdevices.a /usr/local/lib/libutils.a $(XLIB11) -lm
and then link to $(LDFLAGS). This seems to work OK.


  1. The SM Manual