Catalog of Sites and Images

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The sites/images are mainly those of/from Wikipedia.

  1. Images.

  2. antiparticles Images.

  3. barn unit No images.

  4. contact potential Images. Not adequate.

  5. cyclotron frequency No images.

  6. Dirac equation No Images. See the sections on the history and the hole theory which is now known to be a wrong theory, but one that predicted antiparticles which is a right result.

  7. graphite Images. More data on graphite is at The Graphite Page by J. A. Jaszczak.

  8. Lorentz force No images.

  9. photoelectric effect Images.

  10. photon Images.

  11. photovoltaics Images.

  12. positronium No images.

  13. Quantum Zeno effect No images.

  14. SuperGrid No Images.

  15. wave function collapse: Lloyd (pdf) on Zurek's Quantum origin of quantum jumps: Breaking of unitary symmetry induced by information transfer in the transition from quantum to classical

  16. wave function collapse: Rae on C_60 diffraction.

  17. work function No images.