Catalog of Sites and Images

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The sites/images are mainly those of/from Wikipedia.

  1. Images.

  2. Bragg diffraction Images.

  3. C_60 diffraction Images. Arndt et al. 1999, Nature, 401, 680. This is the Zeilinger group. They've shown that fullerenes diffract. Fullerenes are immense particles on the microscopic scale.

  4. complementarity principle No images.

  5. crystallite (crystal grain) Images.

  6. de Broglie, Louis (1892--1987) Images.

  7. dispersion relation No images.

  8. lasers Images.

  9. neutrons Images.

  10. photonics Images. See Dholakia on photon Airy wave packets.

  11. Planck units Tables.

  12. wave function collapse No images. See Lloyd on Zurek's Quantum origin of quantum jumps: Breaking of unitary symmetry induced by information transfer in the transition from quantum to classical

  13. wave-particle duality Images. They have current records for most massive particle diffracted.

  14. X-ray diffraction Images. An online book chapter.