Catalog of Sites and Images

Lecture 1: Blackbody Radiation

Don't Panic

The sites/images are mainly those of/from Wikipedia.

  1. Images.

  2. blackbody radiation Images.

  3. equipartition of energy Images.

  4. ergodic hypothesis No images.

  5. hohlraum No images.

  6. normal modes Images and an animation.

  7. photon Images.

    Chemist Gilbert Lewis invented the word in 1927 and Arthur Compton introduced in physics with its modern meaning in 1927.

  8. One Thousand and One Nights Images. This is what physics is like actually.

  9. Planck, Max Images.

  10. Planck's law Images.

  11. quantum field theory No images.

  12. quantum mechanics Images.

  13. Rayleigh, Lord Images.

  14. Rayleigh-Jeans law Images.

  15. standing waves Images and an animation.

  16. Stefan-Boltzmann law No Images. Discovered empirically in 1879 by Stefan and then proven theoretically by Boltzmann in 1884, but not using a modern approach

  17. Wien, Wilhelm (1864--1928) Images.

  18. Wien's displacement law Images.

  19. Wien's law Images.