Catalog of Sites and Images


Don't Panic

The sites/images are mainly those of/from Wikipedia.

  1. Images.

  2. camera Images.

  3. corner reflector Images.

  4. diamond Images.

  5. diffraction Images.

  6. evanescent wave Images.

  7. DLP (Digital Light Processing (DLP) Images. How a movie is projected using micromirrors.

  8. Galileo Galilei (1564--1642) Images.

  9. geometrical optics Images and animations.

  10. holography Images.

  11. history of telescopes Images.

  12. index of refraction Images and animations.
    See also list of refractive indices. Note that plexiglass is trademark name for PMMA or acrylic glass.

  13. Johannes Kepler (1571--1630) Images.

  14. Las Vegas, Nevada Images.

  15. laser Images.

  16. lens Images and animations.

  17. lighting Images.

  18. Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment Images.

  19. magnifying glass Images.

  20. microscope Images.

  21. mirror Images.

  22. Muybridge, Eadweard (1830--1904) Images. The earliest moving pictures.

  23. optical fiber Images.

  24. Opticks Images.

  25. optics Images and animations.

  26. photography Images.

  27. pinhole camera Images.

  28. prism Images and animations.

  29. rainbow Images.

  30. ray (optics) Images.

  31. ray tracing Images.

  32. reflection Images.

  33. refracting telescope Images.

  34. refraction Images.

  35. refractive index Images and plots.

  36. Rene Descartes (1596--1650) Images.

  37. retroreflector Images.

  38. ripple tank Images.

  39. Sherlock Holmes Images. Scroll down to his magnifying glass and other paraphenalia.

  40. Snell's law Images and animations.

  41. spectrum Images.

  42. telescope Images. See the 40-inch refractor at Yerkes Observatory (images). See also the list of largest refractors (images) the list of largest reflectors.

  43. total internal reflection Images.