Catalog of Sites and Images

Lecture: Energy

Don't Panic

The sites/images are mainly those of/from Wikipedia.

  1. Images.

  2. energy Images.

  3. energy units No images.

  4. food energy Images.

  5. horsepower No images.

  6. hydropower Images. A good picture of an electric generator.

  7. James Joule (1818--1889) Images.

  8. joule pronunciation NO images. See also James Joule (by Richard Melson) which suggests that even in Joule's lifetime the pronunciation of Joule was conflicted.

  9. kinetic energy Images.

  10. mass energy equivalence Images. This is E=mc**2.

  11. nuclear weapon Images and animations.

  12. oil reserves Images.

  13. PhET Simulations Great physics interactive simulations, but the coverage isn't extensive yet

  14. potential energy Images.

  15. shire horse Images.

  16. Solar Power Grand Plan Zweibel et al. 2008, Scientific American, January, p. 64. No images.

  17. world energy resources and consumption Images.