Articles on the 3 E's: Economy, Energy, Environment

These are some articles I noted as important. They are listed in reverse time order.

  1. 2012may28 Global scarcity: Scramble for dwindling natural resources by Michael Klare The race for what's left.
  2. 2012may25 Climate Armageddon: How the World's Weather Could Quickly Run Amok
  3. 2012may24 On Dust-Bowlification and the grave threat it poses to food security by Joe Romm On megafamines, etc.
  4. 2012may23 Apocalypse Soon: Has Civilization Passed the Environmental Point of No Return?
  5. 2012may07 What Is the Limiting Factor? by Herman Daly What limits growth now? Material resources as all should know.
  6. 2012apr17 The Trouble with Money by Chris Martenson Hyper-inflation coming since piles of saved money will start being spent.
  7. 2011apr29 Time to wake up: Days of abundant resources and falling prices are over forever by Jeremy Grantham Hard date that we hit growth end in 2002---and we only notice it now in the rearview mirror---except many don't notice it.
  8. 2009sep20 Progress on clean energy at last: Lester Brown.
  9. 2009may09 Are we truly past the oil peak and now declining: Tony Eriksen on oil.