Cosmos 16: Structures in the Universe

Don't Panic


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  2. For the time being, mainly what we have is just Liddle, AT 5: Direct link.

    Plus some supplements/complements.

    1. Liddle, AT 5: Direct link.
    2. Wikipedia: Graphical timeline from Big Bang to Heat Death but note that the left-hand vertical scale is tricky, for greater than about > 0, it is x=100*log(log(t_year)) and so t_year=10**(10**(x/100)))
    3. Wikipedia: Graphical timeline of the Big Bang: Redundant to the timeline above.
    4. Wikipedia: Chronology of the universe: Redundant to timeline above.
    5. Λ-CDM cosmic scale factor
    6. For the future evolution of the large scale structure (which is sometimes now called the cosmic web), see:

      * | Future Evolution of Nearby Large-Scale Structure in a Universe Dominated by a Cosmological Constant: Kentaro Nagamine, Abraham Loeb, arXiv 2002, Nov12, 14 pages: Research: On the future of the observable universe assuming the cosmological constant and the concordance model.
      --- Keywords: cold dark matter (CDM), concordance model, concordance model parameters, concordance model distance measures graph, cosmology, dark energy, dark matter, galaxies, intergalactic medium (IGM), IOP cosmological parameters summary: bit dated, large-scale structure of the universe, Universe in Problems: lots of solutions, etc.